Sig’s x-ray 3 sights

I recently purchased a sig sauer p320 x-carry I’ve already replaced the grip module with one from Wilson Combat love it but the sights have the x ray 3 sights that to me are incredibly dim. (As you can see in the photo) I was going to replace them but since this will be an EDC I didn’t want the Romeo 3 type of sight… I’m old school & prefer the iron sights… Now a find out that because of the plate on the slide, I can’t replace the rear sight… wth… did I waste my money ? If I can’t see the rear sight I have no reference point for the front sight… I really don’t give a fly’n flea fart what their philosophy is I would like to be able to center the front sight in between something… thoughts & suggestions will be appreciated… thank you

I have an X-Carry with them on it and liked them so much I put a set on my FN 509 Midsize which is my EDC. Mine are very visible. I wonder if you got a bad set? I would reach out to Sig, I’ve had good experience with their customer service in the past.


Talk with SIG.

I’ve sent the slide back to sig sauer , they said they replaced the sights but I have my doubts. Apparently asking to be able to see the rear sights is to much to ask for.
Thanks Jeff

I did Chris, the answer ?
To bad , so sad, this is what you get… many of our customers really like these sights. Well guess what folks… I … Don’t
Really . I thought from the write ups these sights would be the cats a**, … Then I thought “hmm maybe they need to be charged up or something so I (a) left them in direct sunlight for a couple of hours… nada. Then (b) left a bright light shining directly on them for about an hour … zip. Then I contacted the company & sent the slide back to them … they said they replaced them but I have my doubts.
I will say the people at Sig we’re very polite but basically the answer from them was lots of people like them so poo poo on you
Thanks for your concern & reply Chris