Sig P365 9mm Ammo

I decided to try the Sig ammo they designed for P365 conceal carry pistols. The difference is noticeable and accuracy seems to have improved when speed shooting. This is my carry pistol and I only use 1 hand firing, left or right, when practicing (it’s just too small for me to accurately do 2 hand firing). If you haven’t tried this ammo and have a P365, buy a box and give it a shot.


Bought a few when it was $17.50 a box.


OMG >>> the picture of that V- CROWN GOT ME AROUSED <<<

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Have you come across any well designed gel tests for the P365 self defense ammo? I’m interested to see how it performs.

You must have really big hands to not be able to get two on the P365. I use two hands on both my my P365 and much smaller LCP without any issues. It does require wrapping a couple fingers under the grip.


Sometimes this condition is not restricted to hands or feet ( yippee )


Grey State has a decent video on these if you can deal with his gum chomping lol:

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