Show Your Support for Constitutional Carry & The First Amendment By Letting Governor Ron DeSantis Know Where You Stand!

Florida’s legislative session has less than two weeks before it ends and House Bill 103 (Constitutional Carry) dies in committee!

Email ( and/or call (850-717-9337) Florida’s Governor, Ron DeSantis, and tell him he should not sit idly by and allow a Florida lawmaker’s office to trash the petitions of Floridians who were exercising their First Amendment rights to protect their Second Amendment.

Tell him he needs to publicly inform the legislature that he wants Constitutional Carry on his desk. And please encourage him to denounce the actions of Rep. Brannan’s office as they are the antithesis of freedom and simply will not be tolerated.

On the bottom of this alert is the email I’d like you to send to Governor DeSantis.

So, what happened you ask?

On February 22, GOA took part in a Constitutional Carry Rally at the Florida State Capitol and afterwards went to deliver Constitutional Carry petitions. That were collected across the state.

These petitions were to be delivered to State Representative Chuck Brannan III (R-FL). He’s the chairman of the Criminal Justice & Public Safety Subcommittee, the committee where House Bill 103 (Constitutional Carry) is currently stuck.

We presented the petitions to Rep. Brannan’s Legislative Aide, Staz Guntek. Mr. Guntek told us to leave them on his desk. We did but returned twenty minutes later and upon our arrival…


You can see exactly what happened in Legal Armed America’s video of the event.

SHOCKING: Florida Republican caught throwing signed petitions in trash!

Governor DeSantis is the political figurehead of the entire Republican establishment in Florida. If he tells the Legislature to jump, they ask how high.

I need you to email and call Governor DeSantis to tell him that this is unacceptable. Florida has a REPUBLICAN SUPERMAJORITY, and it is a Republican legislator who is blocking Constitutional Carry.

If Governor DeSantis claims Florida is one of the freest states in the nation, then he needs to publicly support Constitutional Carry and defend Floridians’ First Amendment rights.


Collectively, we as gun owners across the country need to send a loud message to lawmakers in Tallahassee. Because if this can happen in Florida. This can happen in your home state.

Here is the email to send to Governor DeSantis; simply copy and paste this into your email. Remember, his email is

Dear Governor Ron DeSantis,

I find the actions that State Representative Chuck Brannan’s office took towards Floridians exercising their First Amendment rights to be downright despicable.

On February 22, 2022, a group of Floridians went to the Capitol to petition the Criminal Justice & Public Safety Subcommittee’s chair to bring up House Bill 103 (Constitutional Carry) for debate and a recorded vote.

But a staffer in Rep. Brannan’s office threw those petitions in the trash!

You can see exactly what happened in these two videos posted on YouTube.

John Crump News: Rep Chuck Brannan’s Office Throws Away Constitutional Carry Petition - at Rep Chuck Brannan's Office Throws Away Constitutional Carry Petition! - YouTube

Legally Armed America: SHOCKING: Florida Republican caught throwing signed petitions in trash - at SHOCKING: Florida Republican caught throwing signed petitions in trash - YouTube

It even made national news with The Epoch Times. See Florida State Rep’s Aide Caught Tossing Stack of Newly Delivered Constitutional Carry Petitions Into Trashcan

This is an unacceptable thing to happen under your watch, Governor. As the political figurehead of the Republican establishment in Florida, you have a Republican lawmaker blocking pro-gun legislation, and worse, his staff is literally throwing the First Amendment rights of Floridians into the trash.

In your speech at CPAC, you stated that freedom must be protected at all costs. Well Governor, please defend Floridians’ First and Second Amendment freedoms.

I might live outside of Florida, but there are many people like me who would love to visit the state regularly. It was disheartening to witness the unconscionable actions of Rep. Brannan’s office showing such contempt for Constitutional Carry.

I know that you have larger political aspirations. Your actions as Florida’s Governor will be what you’re judged on. What happened in Rep. Brannan’s office can stain your excellent record if it is not addressed immediately.

I strongly urge you to reprimand the actions of Rep. Chuck Brannan and his staff. Also, please use your position as Governor to urge the legislature to send Constitutional Carry to your desk. You can even call for a special session specifically about Constitutional Carry once the regular session ends.

I know that you are a patriot and a defender of liberty. Please, do the right thing by reprimanding Rep. Chuck Brannan and getting Constitutional Carry (HB 103) passed.

Gun Owners of America will keep me informed.

In Liberty,
Luis Valdes
Florida State Director
Gun Owners of America

P.S. Please distribute this alert to your pro-gun family and friends and urge them to take action. To renew your GOA membership or to join for the first time, please click here.

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I sent my email just now. Hopefully all other Floridians will stand up as well.

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Hold his feet to the fire.

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Constitutional Carry for Florida