Should USCCA now extend and/or revise it's policy?...opinions and comments welcome

Should USCCA now include some kind of legal insurance to combat the almost inevitable surge in false red flag accusations in our near future…Seems like it could get expensive to have to defend ourselves against a false red flag claim.


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The USCCA membership is about education and training regarding self-defense and self-defense liability insurance that members are automatically additional insureds on is only for acts of self-defense.

Separate from a USCCA Membership, however, is the USCCA Legal Defense Foundation. The USCCA Legal Defense Foundation, which has existed since 2011, exists to assist those who find themselves in a situation like an unfounded Red Flag or ERPO situation. If you found yourself in a situation like this, you could apply for help from the foundation and upon approval, would receive financial assistance to help you find resolution.

The Legal Defense Foundation can be found here: USCCA Legal Defense Foundation | Legal Defense Funding & Grants


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Thanks for this, @Tim_D_USCCA (and thanks for the question @Ben_Blanc). I had no idea this existed. Just another great reason to be part of USCCA.


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Not being critical but what is the percentage of members getting a grant? Do we have to find a lawyer first? I’m already assuming you have been Red flagged and are fighting it.

The Legal Defense Foundation is separate from USCCA membership. As such, from that link

“Financial assistance may be available to members or any responsibly armed Americans who find their rights to protect themselves, their families and their freedom under attack.”

Just to clarify, more than members will surely have applied.

And also, probably Tim doesn’t work for or service the LDF and is unlikely to have access to that information in the first place

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