TIM Schmidt CEO Mass Marketing Emails VS Giving RED FLAG LAW coverage UPDATES!

Tim Schmidt CEO USCCA,
Great IDEA by the members of the USCCA Community. Consider, a break from the daily $$$ marketing campaigns and give us RED FLAG COVERAGE included in our annual membership. Updates from you that it is coming with details, would do wonders for morale. This will give you imaginable new business and keep your existing members happy and staying with you and not feeling like discarded fish bait. Best Regards from your members.


We are working on it, @Steven46!

Here is what is currently in place:

I know there are other discussions/progress going on, I do not have the details of that yet. As soon as I do, I will share it with everyone here.


@Dawn, from my reading the Legal Defense Foundation is a separate but related entity whose assistance MAY be granted to members, decided on a case by case basis. Beyond the right to apply for assistance, said assistance is in no way included in our membership benefits or guaranteed to members.


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Yes, the USCCA Legal Defense Foundation exists to assist those who find themselves in a situation like an unfounded Red Flag or ERPO situation. If you found yourself in a situation like this, you could apply for help from the foundation and upon approval, would receive financial assistance to help you find resolution.

There are changes in the works, but they have not been finalized to the point where I can share details.

I am eagerly awaiting the updates - like you all are - as I am also a USCCA member and I like to travel. So while Wisconsin might not have a red flag law at this point, there are plenty of places I visit for work or pleasure (mainly work these days) that have these laws.

As soon as I know, you’ll know!