Should Teachers be Armed?

@45IPAC That’s a great idea that should be taken Nation Wide. Would give less affluent schools and school districts the ability to afford what has now become a necessity for the safety of school age kids. But; if the feds get involved we all know it will become a boondoggle or a project that subject to replacement by something with something more important like that pesky bathroom civility class.

Most of us, myself and other instructors I know are happy to work special rates for any faculty/staff for the purposes of school protection.


One bonus I see to having police officers in school is putting a human face on Police. Too many times people see how the media portray police as “bad” and makes them non-human. Having police in schools where kids get to interact with them on a daily basis can help build a stronger community.

Yes, that is an ideal world solution, but finances may not allow it.


Yes …uniformed LEOs in every school. The students will learn a valuable lesson if the school’s present this as a safety precaution and not as a “we are watching every move you make” thing.

I used to watch a uniformed deputy bring his daughter to elementary school every day. It didn’t take long for the other kids to start giving him high fives…some of our more vocal parents behaved better also


I am also one that can see both the upside and the downside of Armed School Staff. After running several Drug and Alcohol Abatement Programs in High Schools I believe that with a rock solid Training Component, we should allow School Staff to be Armed. I caution that not all School Staff have the Mindset to be carrying a Firearm. I also want to point out that Schools are “Gun Free Zones” and that has not helped at all.

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Good post Doc. A lot of good folks think anyone with a CC permit should be allowed to carry on school campuses. Having been a firearms instructor for 20 years then an elementary teacher for another 20 years I get cold shivers at the thought. Your point addressing a rock solid training component is spot on. I’ve watched and taken part in such a program and fully realize that arming school staff can be done but must be done correctly.


I agree with both of you! If my kids were still in school, I’d be offering free training for teachers at their schools and I’d be recruiting some of my fellow USCCA Instructors to help out.

If someone approached me to help teach at their school, I’d be more than happy to help out!