Clerk shot but returns fire


I think what stops responsibly armed citizens from getting the training we need is the fear of (“ being on a list”)us losing our 2A rights.


I’m not so sure about that. Unless the firearm owner has done private purchases for all their firearms and buys all of their ammo, accessories and shooting supplies locally with cash then they are already on multiple lists. Taking a course from a trainer may or may not check another box on a list they are already on.

I suspect that there are multiple barriers to training. Time and expense probably being the main two but lack of awareness of all of the training options out there is probably a big one as well.

It also wouldn’t surprise me if more than a few gun owners are consciously or subconsciously concerned about going to a class where they and others are likely to see just how much work their skills need to get to an acceptable level. Especially for some (maybe most) men with our fragile egos. Many can’t bear to have their weaknesses put on display. It often takes some guts to admit we are not perfectly capable and there is a lot more we need to learn. I know I used to be reluctant to look like a fool when trying new things. Now I know life is too short to waist time worrying about what other people think:)