Should I buy a shotgun or rifle?

I sold all my Costco shares due to their political stance on stuff and with part of the cash I’m treating myself to a new firearm.

I have a handful of Remington Shotguns and was thinking of something higher end like a Benelli or maybe even a Henry. Does anyone here have either of these brands and if so what pros/cons can you tell me?


I shot a very cool smooth acting/action lever action 357 rifle this past week for the first time. Man was that smooth and accurate, and kinda fun in a Chuck Conners kind of way! Henry makes lever action, but I have no idea who else makes them of good quality. Thoughts?

I’d like something a bit more ornate with maybe some etching or something, but not a show stopper. Any help or advise on this would be greatly appreciated and if you have questions on how to better answers, don’t hesitate to ask.


When in doubt go with C.
C: both!


Which one would you use more?

Funny but that is what I usually do!
My first big smile of the day, thanks man!

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I have die sets for 357 so if it’s the rifle I’d get that one. It would give me an excuse to actually use it and a handful of 357 R’s that I have.

The shotgun, I have a bunch of those so I may virtually never use it if it looks real pretty. I’ve used a higher end one, of better quality than 870’s and 1187’s and omg do they load and charge so much smoother.

To answer your question though, probably the lever action as I don’t own one and it would be fun.

No worries, always happy to help!
I’ve always been a fan of lever guns. I have a Marlin 30-30 that I enjoy using. As far as the 870’s go, I had to use mine as a boat paddle and crutch a few times to wear it in perfectly (all unloaded of course). It cycles like it costs 2-3 times the price now!

So, does Marlin have a .357? I’m tracking down their website now.
Plus, I guess with all the BS going on can I even find one of anything to buy, even if I wanted?

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I’m not sure if they do, but Henry does. Here they seem to be having more in stock every time I go. Academy has firearms in stock that the website says they don’t have. It might be worth visiting, if you are close to one.

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This looks amazing!!!


I like that! People here are making my “future purchases” list really long. I need to start playing the lotto…

If it’s a good looking shooter, I’d either go with the Henry, or an Uberti. I think the case hardening on the Uberti’s has a good look.


@45IPAC makes a good point! Case hardened anything looks good!


Looks like the Henry Big Boy is available case hardened also.

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I ve been looking at bullpup shotguns myself. Havent made a decision, but therr are some cool ones, like KSG or DP12

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I’m looking at everyone’s recommendations… a good handful of manufactures I’ve not heard of as well.

What do you plan on hunting—ducks or pigs? That’ll tell you which one you want.

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Honestly, I would go for the .357 rifle and then get a .357 pistol to go with it.


It really depends on what hole you’re trying to fill.

You could go cheap like I did and buy a nice Henry pump action .22M rifle w/octagon barrel. I love it. After using the action on a lever gun a few times I quickly realized that it wasn’t for me. All romance and PITA.

Check out the Browning MAXUS, either the Ultimate or the Sporting Golden Clays. I recently bought 2, the Ultimate and a All Purpose Hunter. I sort of wish I had bought the Sporting Golden Clays instead of the Ultimate. Anyway I have mostly Remington’s in my shotguns and like you said I wanted something a tad bit more. Love the features of the MAXUS and how it handles.

Might be shooting myself in the foot here. Been looking around for a Marlin 1894 CSBL at a decent price. Currently hard to find and prices are a little high. If you’re looking for a 357 lever this one is hard to beat.