ShootUnited - new organization

I came across a new-to-me sponsored posting on Facebook and was curious if it’s legit.

In the Resources tab, I found USCCA among other established and reputable organizations.


Shoot United™ is a resource for millions of people who may have never been exposed to firearm ownership as well as those who have recently purchased a gun. It’s where people can learn, build confidence and find ways to participate. Shoot United is also meant to be shared. Shooting sports and hunting activities are growing in popularity and for good reasons. It’s time spent with family and friends, is both an outdoor and indoor activity, is inclusive of all types of people, and is safe and enjoyable. Shoot United is a great first stop when you have questions related to gun ownership and the shooting sports.

Has anyone had any recent interactions with them?

Never heard of them.

I’m not on FB, but is it normal for legit organizations around private firearms ownership to be sponsored on FB?

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I would say so.
The NRA, USCCA, and manufacturers like Ruger, S&W, RIA, Springfield Armory, and others are actively on fb.
My favorite LGS just posted their ad for the month.

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Noticed they say shooting is the safest sport in the county, and am sure they meant country. I’m a bit ocd on typos but think it’d be fun to ask “which county?”. That’s all I got, guess it’s time to get up and make coffee…


Yes it is.

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Yes. The “Sponsored” indication on a post means that it is a paid advertisement and the organization or company is paying for that ad to be displayed in the feed as you scroll.


A little digging leads to the information that Shoot United was created by Winchester Ammunition
That explains why I couldn’t find any named individuals as key leaders in the activity on the web site.
It also adds credibility as a group interested in promoting training and safe firearm recreation.


Thanks for digging further into it. My first thought too was to see who’s behind it. Thankfully, it’s not Giffords.

Anyone or any ad that starts with “your trusted source”, “trust me on this” or “trust me, I heard it from…” immediately requires further investigation.
Trust me!