Share your favorite firearm/defense accessory

(Hoping that this isn’t a duplicate. I think if it was, it would be an active thread!)

Post your favorite one to three items. Include links to review(s), manufacturer site, or even reputable place to buy at a reasonable price.

Include why you like it and what it does for you.

A few from me:

I love Leapers/UTG. They provide good quality items for low prices. Availability is usually good. For things like scopes, you have to be careful to pick the specs you want, including red dot/circle/etc., but if you do, they’ll probably serve you well. They also make some great bags.

I love this adjustable grip.

This Condor 30" case is one of my favorites. It holds my CMR and Scorpion along with all of their mags, ammo, etc., and all while being able to be carried in many configurations. And it doesn’t look like a firearms bag for when you’re around other people, hiking, and more.

Maglula. Unbelievable company with superb, quality products that will last you a lifetime. Of most benefit to me are the ones for unusual/difficult to load mags: 10/22, CMR/PMR, Scorpion/AK-V.

Just a few of many great items I’ve found just to get us started!


Leather cheek pad/riser from Accu-Riser:

Easy to adjust, has a good feel, and looks good on any of the walnut stocks I’ve had them on.
Slide spider for slides with shallow serrations:

Works well even when wet.
Talon grips.

I got used to these and they work great. I even cut my own from the do it yourself sheet you can buy. Also, I think there’s a USCCA discount for them.

One that takes some getting used to:

I got this some time ago. It takes a little getting used to, but if you load the clips correctly, they’ll push into the magazine fast, saving time if you’re at the range (HC Mag only). Downside: only 20 rds and also takes some practice getting these consistently loaded correctly; once you get it down, though, it’s easy.


This could become a long list, where do I start when it comes to accessories?
Not in any order.

5.11 backpack, Rush 24. Extremely durable, One grandson has traveled the world with the one I gave him 12 years ago. Holds up better than Samsonite ( remember them ) they don’t do tactical gear!

Most durable pants I’ve ever owned. Slightly pricey, buy the best, cry once!

Pistol case. Again, you’ll notice I’m all about durability. I despise buying things again. I’m not apart of the disposable generation. Once I had to evacuate my home due to a natural disaster, didn’t have to look around for gear, just grab and go, took 20 minutes to evacuate with everything I needed to feel safe on the road.


Red dot sight

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I don’t like a cold chair while out with my rifle.:wink:


'Lula for sure. There would never have been an ammo shortage if I had kept trying to press M&P mags by hand.

Concealment Express ambidextrous Tuckable IWB KYDEX Holster. Simple, sturdy, comfortable, concealable, affordable. The Tuckable because I like the clip better. The ambidextrous because it covers both of the “soft-detent” M&P safety levers. I have modded this holster more than my pistol, but it provides the base model which beat down my first dozen purchases. The company is now called Rounded, for some reason.

A shot timer. An invaluable training aid, ranking only behind ammo and a sheet of paper in utility. I can’t recommend a specific example, because the whole product category seems stuck with the technical and design sophistication of an Atari Pong console — bleecch. I have a CEI Pocket Pro II — no longer in print. Newer versions don’t seem to have changed in a useful way. I don’t need BT from an electronic antique — I want a sensible battery, a viewable display, a coherent user interface, more than 10kb of memory.
But I don’t go to the range without the one I have.


:exploding_head: my brain.


I second the Lula. Especially with these new, highly compressed magazines.

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I have Lula’s for my double stacks and 1911(little adapter that goes on the bottom)love them.
I don’t need the next thing to be arthritis.

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