Self Defense in my neighborhood

I can almost see this Trax Ramp from my place. Pioneer Park, Trax Station… it’s like downtown Salt Lake City is melting down.

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Very frustrating… :pensive:


From todays news… (This is a different shooting than the one on the Trax Ramp)

“The Salt Lake City Police Department is committed to doing everything we can to ensure the Ballpark neighborhood remains safe,” said Salt Lake Police Chief Mike Brown in a news release. “What happened early this morning is not reflective of the Ballpark neighborhood or the people living there. The Ballpark neighborhood is one of our city’s most vibrant places to live, work and visit. I am excited about the future of this neighborhood. The people in this neighborhood deserve to feel safe. No one in our community should ever have to explain to their child that the loud popping sounds they woke up to were the sounds of gunfire.”

The investigation into the shooting is ongoing, the release added. Police encourage anyone with information to call

This police chief is an idiot, Ballpark is a war zone right now. The TRAX platform near 900 South and 200 West is the next stop to the south of the 1300 South and 180 West, Ball Park Trax Station.
“is not reflective of the Ballpark neighborhood or the people living there.” If so why is this happening 2-3 at a time over there?


Not far from my front door

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We know why this is happening but we can’t say it. Maybe they will kill each other off.