Self defence preparation on the range

I’m out of here on this opinion stuff


12 feet away you have a silhouette target. You have 1.5 seconds to place 3 rounds. All three shots must be within a three inch spread. Hopefully you can draw your weapon at the range. If not, go from low ready.
If you get that down, 20 feet away, same silhouette target, Moving as you shoot and 6 shots within a six inch spread.
You can even do these single handed. Do this with the intent to improve upon each time you perform.
When you can get 6 shots in a second in a half you can feel adequate. Just so you know, I am working on being able to do it myself.


I always start with “warm up”, that means regular shooting - time, relax, precision


then I go with defense shooting, then combat accuracy is my goal - balance between speed and precision.


I’m trying to be below 2 seconds with 3 shots from the holster, but first shot is most important and should be close to 1 second.

I like time drills which can be setup at my Range (target can be programmed to turn front/side and move back/forward.


I also like to work on multiple target engagement when I get the chance and real estate for 90 degrees of shooting. Transferring quickly from one target to the next, fire and forget, is also very helpful for a moving target engagement as well. It helps you learn when to track or “ambush” a target. (For those unaware, ambush firing is holding your sights steady and waiting for the target to move into your line of fire, while tracking is actively moving your sights with the target and applying lead based on range and speed.)


I’ve never really been a “drill” kind of guy. Like Jerzey I always start my practice with some accuracy based shooting because if you don’t practice and maintain solid fundamentals everything else you do is just a waste of ammo solidifying bad habits.

I normally set up scenarios of multiple targets, hostage type target setups and other very creative shooting scenarios like shooting from a sitting position, lying on your side, lying on your back etc. You need to remember bad guys will not always give you the chance to get into that ideal shooting stance, your life might depend on being able to shoot effectively from a HIGHLY unorthodox position. AND some targets need just a shot or two, other will require a mag dump to stop. Always stay flexible in your thinking!

I never practice with speed as a goal (speed comes organically from doing things right over and over again) BUT I do shoot with a timer just so I can keep records of how I’m doing and to induce a little extra stress into my practice sessions. I also like to record my targets/guns with pictures so I remember what I did. When I leave the range I like my targets to look like these.

But sometimes you just want to have fun. This was a session of 100 rounds in about 20 minutes of just “target-front sight-trigger” practice. I started getting a little sloppy with my head shots towards the end but I took a breath and got my crap together to finish strong with some double and triple taps.

Anyway, happy shooting folks!


@Enzo_T… definitely I want to be behind your guns (as you are) not in front of the muzzle. :slightly_smiling_face:

Great shooting :ok_hand:

I have to take a picture of my “fun shooting” one day. All my classes I’ve been taking end with “Vegas drill”, what in my case means 43 rounds in 15 seconds.

Sounds like a lot of fun to me :grin:

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