Seems it is now getting MORE dangerous for our Border Patrol

Terror threats for U.S. border agents’ families, as cartels pay for their home addresses

One of the side effects of Joe Biden’s decision to have America’s southern border open for just about any illegal alien who wants to come in, and sign up for the many free benefits America provides, is the control that the Mexican drug cartels now have over the border.

After all, Biden’s decision to eliminate all of the border security programs installed, and used effectively, under the tenure of President Donald Trump, has prompted millions of illegals to come.

And the cartels have not been averse to making money. They offer transportation, deliver illegals to drop-off points, and generally try to make sure their clients end up inside the U.S., as a satisfied customer means more family members back home will hear.

But the one obstacle that remains is the U.S. Border Patrol, and that now has prompted a new campaign by the cartels to remove even that.

A report at the Liberty Daily reveals online ads offering pay for information about agents.

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1600 Pennsylvania Ave,
Where’s my money?




This guy in the White House crossed every line there is! Very sickening stuff!
I’m remembering a scene from the Godfather!
“He’s a traitor, don’t forget that!”


The Cartels could care less about Kamala since she was put in charge of the border and never did anything about. They probably send her birthday and Christmas cards.


Full of cash I suspect.


Kamala who?

These ‘People in Power’ should try living down here.
The influx of ‘Migrants’ is obvious but like cockroaches
there are the thousands YOU DON’T SEE!.
They are on the march up the major Highway’s (on foot and in Semi’s
coming to your neighborhood.

We had a shootout (2) nights ago @ 2:22, (50+) rounds fired, sounded
like (3) separate guns. First volley probably from cars toward house,
second volley from house to cars, then crescendo both ways back and forth.
Then cars and motorcycles pealing out. CSI Investigation in the morning…
rental house near Sierra Vista Elementary School…
Isn’t that a ‘Gun Free Zone Violation’ ? No Police response for 45 minutes.
House was empty when police arrived…
Neighbor’s say it was a way station for migrants, cars in and out at all times of the night
people stopping in for minutes then leaving (drugs? nah!)

Why didn’t any neighbor report this?..
ZERO News articles in print or TV… Googled it, had to go on Reddit for comments
(Paradise Hills shooting, Albuquerque, NM 10/20) …not reliable reports though :upside_down_face:

If I can put 2+2 together this is happening across the country. They have to stay somewhere.
The 'Wellness are FULL to bursting. The Shelters are FULL, The streets in Downtown Abq are FULL of unhoused, Crazies and migrants roaming around. Police are overwhelmed. Private Security is being deployed to augment the security of Businesses…It isn’t enough. Not enough Guards and Guard Companies.

We are in the $hit down here.
Mexico North Annex.
Guns are now visible on American’s hips EVERYWHERE.
“We’re not gonna take it ANYMORE”----Twisted Sister



You know who Kamala is! …oh wait…wrong Kamala?


In my view, the problem at the border is lack of immigration judges. Migrants get apprehended, then appear before a judge to rule on the migrants’ claims, and then get a case that literally years away. “Come back in 3 years and we’ll consider your claims.”

That’s government bureaucracy and it’s dumb to expect anyone to come back years from now to have some bureaucrat rule on their case. How about judges, at the border, who can rule then and there on cases instead of a system that so screwed up it takes a lifetime to be heard.


…the problem at the border…THERE IS NO BORDER!
…the problem at the border…THE CARTELS OWN IT
…the problem at the border…IS THE SH/HEAD IN THE WHITE HOUSE
There are NO other excuses! We lost/ He lost/ gave up our country and good men did nothing!


If you believe the Constitution, Congress is obligated “To lay and collect taxes, duties imposts and excise, to pay the debts and provide for the common defense and general welfare of the United States” and “To establish a uniform rule of naturalization.”

Congress does not do their job as they fail to adequately fund the immigration system (i.e., hire judges). They are more worried about social issues, sending money to the Ukraine to defend its borders and fighting over who should be Speaker.

And the people don’t kick these incompetent “leaders” out of office, believing that “their” Congressman is OK and that the problem is all the others in Congress.

The cartels flourish because of the failure of the 50+ year long war on drugs that has not reduced drug use, and only increased the price of drugs, enriching the cartels.

The guy in the White House will be there 'til he dies, and then get used to saying “President Harris.”


We wouldn’t be here if the Office of the Presidency had not been usurped!
This idiot cut off his nose to spite Trump, there is no bigger moron except for Kamala!
As I’ve said in the past, the idiot could have been a great president, had he duct taped his mouth and tied his hands behind his back! But to overturn our upward mobility to make some kind of point.
He’s the Jim Jones of our time, except I’ll NEVER drink the sh/t he’s peddling! He’s a sick old fool, he’s the reason there’s a 25th amendment!
It’s understandable that the world would be in a panic over mush mouth Kamala, but she can be impeached immediately for dereliction of duty on said border.

All this crap about congress is Bullsh/t. We the people had a plan, executed it in 2016. Their plan since day one was to oust that duly elected president. Their plan worked, ours failed! That was the insurrection, NOT J6!
So in fact, if it takes cheating, lying, stealing or by any other means, to take back this country, I’m prepared to spill all my blood so my grandkids get to live in a free English speaking country! Good luck with the voting thing, the usurpers already have 2024 in the bag! We can vote til we are blue in the face, but there are a lot more dead people that are going to vote, in addition to 6.8 million illegals!
So explain to me how your kids are not going to be speaking Spanish or Chinese?
I guarantee you that flag you see on the capitol today will be replace with one of three flags!



Which one will you be swearing allegiance to?

We can cut the bull, they are coming for the jewel, that was once the greatest nation on the planet! Soon we’ll be fighting for our lives! We’ve always had the pleasure of being somewhat isolated, until now! We’ve been invaded , the idiots in the White House are the culprits!
It might look sunny and serene out your window today, but October 6 was a beautiful sunny day in Israel! We are not immune anymore!


Lots of people have strong words about how they are willing to shed blood to defend the country. The reality is they don’t show up and even do something as simple as vote. How about standing up and running for office? Nah, got a knot in my shoelace, the system is rigged, so I can’t waste my time with that. (a BS response in my opinion)

Given that sad state of affairs that neither you nor I can change, individuals should be taking action to protect themselves from what our world will become in the next several years. That means leaving the cesspools our cities have become and having a plan to deal with hyperinflation since our nation runs on printed money and will continue to do so given the morons we elect to Congress. The Roman empire dissolved when its politics became internally divisive and focused on violence between Romans as the means of settling disputes, attaining and retaining power. A good read on that topic is Edward Watts’ book Mortal Republic: How Rome Fell into Tyranny (2018).


I’m an old country boy, but I can’t figure out why a regime that wanted 87,000 new IRS agents can’t fire out that the same number of additional Border Patrol agents would have went a long way toward Solving this problem. (‘Course to do so you’d have to actually WANT to solve the problem


Just say when and where! I have more than words, I have grandchildren to consider! It’s astonishing to me that 300,000 people from the United States and around the world got on airplanes for what I’ll consider a one way trip to Israel. Yes, all I have at this very moment are strong words. And if I could I would be on that same plane! Question is, would you?

Tried everything else, except running for office. I don’t have the qualifications for office, but I know what it takes to save a nation.
The rule book is quite simple!

Even before the rules are spelled out…in order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility. Which part of those two simple ideas doe the usurper not understand. In addition …provide for the common defense. Opening our border is in direct conflict with that oath he swore to DEFEND, and that my friend is treason!

No matter how you look at things, this idiot phucked up beyond repair our country! It’s going to take bloodshed not votes to regain our country! Our government turned against us. Our government turned our own people against us!. Yes, the only other time in history do I remember a nation falling from within, is Rome, and we are burning!

Unfortunately the tree of liberty is dying and there’s only one way to revive it, and talking to it sweetly won’t work. That’s like trying to talk down a mass shooter. Please don’t shoot me, let’s vote on it!
I consider this administration serial killers, we have all the evidence we need, the bodies of young AMERICANS are all over our city streets! The motive is clear and they have every opportunity! Means, motive and opportunity is how you prove murder! We even have the weapon!

Soon we may not have a choice to shed blood, because when Hamas, China, North Korea, pick your enemy, parachutes into your neighborhood, I WILL, along with my wife, fight to the death! If you believe in this country I WILL have your six!

We literally have terrorists VOTED into office in our own house condoning terrorist actions, barbarism and organizations. I can’t believe my eyes. This was an unfathomable thought 10, 20, 30 years ago only during this morons administration, do we harbor terrorists aid, abet, finance and issue weapons, to the enemy!

If it didn’t seem intentional when he said “I do” it’s very clear now, that they intended to kill us off. No vote is going to save us from that. Me running for office won’t change either, why you might ask, because I’m a mini Trump. His ideas and policies, for the most part, maintained those two simple rules, JUSTICE and DOMESTIC TRANQUILITY. Big deal he was a Tweetaholic! I’ll take that over any lies and cheating! I was prospering, I was paying between $1.87 and $2.37 a gallon for gas and egg’s didn’t and shouldn’t cost $6.99. It’s not just the cost of things, the world was somewhat stable, maybe it was a figment of my imagination, then again 98% of my colleagues, friends and family were having the same dream!
Have I been WOKE, you’re damn right. I’ve seen it all. WAR on three fronts, that has to be a record for an idiot in the White House!

I guess I could have answered your question more succinctly…”give me liberty or give me death”.
I took an oath for my country, I lived up to that oath, I’ve been failed by what some call a “commander in chief”. The dude can’t walk up a flight of stairs! He can’t combine words that make sense, worse he showed the world what it means to be an idiot a clown!

You simply cannot vote out a cheater, I don’t take kindly to this type of play. Plus the sickening behavior is the lying to our faces every minute of every day by the entire administration!
I have more respect for Nixon, he had the balls to bailout!




YES! There it is! Old Dude YOU Rocked it!



I couldn’t resist!!! can I blame Wanda3 or Karacal for this reaction???



Scott…‘sniff’ I need a tissue…You Sir have the heart of a WARRIOR!
(I like that!)
That was an exceptional post my friend.
Anyone who thinks ‘Voting’ will right our ship is delusional. More Migration Judge’s oh Please…

the Border was wide open since he said ‘I DO!’ when he cut all of Trumps
‘Protections’ he sliced this country’s throat. Millions of INVADERS crossed the Border
and he talks about regulating our Air Conditioners. If this wasn’t an evil plan
to destroy us, he would be the stoopidest person ever born on this planet. EVER!

But Mr. Snarkey here is very good at trying to get under our skin. Belittle us and our posts with
his questionable negative comments.

[quote=“Mark697, post:13, topic:95659”]
Lots of people have strong words about how they are willing to shed blood to defend the country. The reality is they don’t show up and even do something as simple as vote. How about standing up and running for office? Nah, got a knot in my shoelace,

You don’t believe what anybody say’s about our willingness to lay down our lives for this Phuckin’
Fantastic country! You don’t care what we have to say, You just want to spew your ‘word salad’ about what is in your tiny little mind! …and you know what that’s OK. That’s what this forum is about. People coming together and expressing their views on a wide range of topics. But you my little friend are a condescending, Arrogant, TROLL! How ANYBODY gives you a Thumbs up is beyond me. You questioned MY WAR record, You questioned MY posts on what I have been through. You are entitled to your opinion
the 1st Amendment Guaranties that right! But you have OVER STEPPED the boundaries one too many times for my liking today when you questioned my Brother’s WILLINGNESS to fight for his Family, himself and this country! What gives you the RIGHT to question our loyalty and convictions?

My (adopted) Mama always said “If you don’t have anything nice to say Shut the Phuck up!”
Ask yourself " Why am I here?" “What do I bring to this table?”

Phucking Nothing! Little brother. NADA, ZIP, Zilch! You and your little Cop buddy are worthless!
You go and say "maybe I have an ‘Excuse’ for the way I talk or my Posts… Like I’m a damaged Vet or something, Sounds like I have a short fuse!
I only have a short fuse when I am subjected by an IDIOT that thinks he KNOWS ME and calls my record Bull$hit.
You have NO PHUCKIN’ Idea what I have been through but w/ the (15) pounds of titanium in where my legs use to be because I’ve been blown up and shredded on the BATTLE FIELD I will take my WAR Record any day over your Piss Ant views on what cat food is best for my Cats!
Go away little TROLL! I Fart in your general direction! (Python)


Some people just don’t understand we’ve reached an inflection point!
I never used to think of myself as a warrior, I educated my grandsons in the Art of War, but have never been. A lot of serious and true warriors here who have sacrificed, would educate me on the speed at which I wish to die. Well I didn’t put my foot on the gas pedal, Brandon did that on his own! I have a family to protect. I may not be able to fix the world, but I do know that in order for society , our society to live on…we’ll you know the thing!

I grew up in Brooklyn nice Italian Jewish neighborhood, talk about safe. I’m witnessing a Jihadist takeover on the streets I used to play stickball, street hockey, wait for the Good Humor truck, street festivals with ALL the neighbors on!
We have tyrants around the world competing on how to take down the United States! Am I the only one seeing this? And someone wants the ILLEGALS to present themselves before a corrupt judge, please, I’m begging, don’t make me laugh this hard!

If I were them and I watched from a distance, this idiot that calls himself a President of the United States , I would immediately call dibs on this country myself!

It matters not who’s behind it, it’s the face that shows up on their tv screen! The only guy I know that can full UPSTAIRS, trip on a sandbag, forget his wife’s name, the best, is he NEVER KNOWS WHERE HE IS at any given moment, uses cue cards to speak with dignitaries, falls off his bicycle, sniffs children’s hair, grope’s Women in public and on stage, the sheer disrespect for his own countrymen while giving his red speech, the one that Hitler could be proud of. I’ve never seen such hated in my life, this soulless fool hates his own country! And some people think he got more votes than a black man! You know I respected Obama at first because I was taught to respect the Office of the President. That respect is in the toilet and it’s been flushed!

He’s the idiot in boot camp, that when swearing in said “ I state your name” repeated the line “I state your name” instead of his real name!
This is more than embarrassing, it’s shameful!

The muppet! The ones behind the scenes are the ones with the stinky fingers! Luckily, in all my readings, the traitors are the first to be hung, burned, eaten or mutilated. I will take great pleasure in seeing them go down suffering before I go down! Popcorn, anyone? Cheesecake?

What they don’t understand is they turned a lot of us meek jolly, go along to get along into, well, sometimes people get what they wish for.
I know I’m still a good man, I allowed evil to triumph!

It’s funny, we stayed on the sidelines to watch them hang themselves with the very rope they tried to give to us! J6 was a protest clear and simple, they killed innocent people, remember that, but when the enemy is at the gates they turn a blind eye. I’m glad they have, because they are about to go down in flames!

I am sickened at how they phucked up our lives and possibly my grandkids lives. This country always bounced back because of patriotism, that patriotism got lost on our College campuses and our football fields!
We won’t bounce back from this! They had a great plan and it was executed perfectly. Hamas couldn’t have done a better job! Brandon doesn’t know it, but he’s the head of the largest terrorist group on the planet! He weaponized every department, from energy to justice. He taught children to hate, that is unforgivable! He is Charles Manson in a suit! Watch his followers on the streets of our once beautiful cities, they are transfixed on death, they are literally bloodthirsty.
C’mon man…let’s take the squad for instance. Let’s recite their names
Susan Atkinson
Patricia Krenwinkle
Leslie van Houten
Linda Kasabian
Many folks her don’t recall or ever heard those names before, some of you know exactly whom I speak of! If you don’t know, Ha! GOOGLE IT

Those who forget their history are CONDEMNED to repeat it!

The current squad is no different they cheer for death and bathe in the blood of innocents! Go ahead, prove me wrong!