Security and noise makers

it is a tough thing for them to understand. My great granddaughter is an extremely practical child and she got this figured out by 3, but I think having pet gravestones where she can visit really helped. Her mom and her made concrete stepping stones decorated with glass mosaic bits for several of them and I think it helped the process a lot. At 6, she still says “can we go visit Sammy and Charlie?” and heads off to where they are buried and their markers.

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Thank you so much we’re thinking of a memorial tree as well. My wife is going to love this idea. It’s right up her alley.


@KenM , we got kits like this
Milestones Mosaic Stepping Stone Kit

And made one for each of the critters, each our own design. Since the great grandbaby helped, it gave her a way to sort it out.


Thanks again, Honey passed this afternoon and I’m getting a spot set up for her memorial.

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@KenM, sorry to hear that, glad Honey had you to love her.
They do mean a lot to us. :broken_heart: