Secret Service Dogs& Home Defense

This video is about a canine hero that protected the President’s home.

A perimeter fence surrounds the White House. Hurricane received the Award of Merit for stopping an intruder who jumped the fence from reaching President Obama and his family in 2014. He was patrolling the area between the wall and the West Wing.

Secret Service dogs search every vehicle that enters the White House complex, and every person visiting the West Wing walks past a canine security checkpoint.

Dogs have been part of the White House’s Security System since April 30, 1976, when the first canine class of the United States Secret Service graduated, which was exclusively German Shepherds.

Dogs make the President’s home more secure, which means a dog can help fortify your home as well.

So let’s talk about Guard Dogs.

There are three types of Guard Dogs.

Alarm Dogs: This is any dog who barks at people on your property who don’t live there. Many dogs fall into this category. My black German Shepherd barked at anyone on my property when he was 13 weeks old who did not belong there. Does your family pet bark at strangers?

Threat Dogs: Threats dogs tell a potential attacker they could be bitten if they approach you. Plus, a good threat dog will get between you and a potential threat. You want to train a threat dog to bark on command because it is a great deterrent. In these videos, the dogs drive away armed attackers and protect their owners.

The dogs in these videos did not injure the attackers; they merely drove them off.

This guy was caught totally by surprise because he was absorbed in what he was doing; his dogs came to his rescue.

This man’s dog came to his rescue and allowed him to get away from 2 armed robbers.

Man Stopper Dogs

Most dogs will not attack and injure a committed attacker; however, a trained dog can take down a deadly threat. If you have one of these, it gives you a less-lethal way to defend your home that does not require you to shoot someone.

The Secret Service, Marine Core, and Navy Seals all use Man Stopper Dogs.

So is your family pet an Alarm Dog, Threat Dog, or Man Stopper?


Couch warmer. That’s about it.


Alarm Dog-2 of them with one possibly being a threat dog. She is only 8 months old but we are working on training.


MEET >> RIPPER >> < nice till it’s time not to be nice.

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IMO>> pets are easy to find. It’s harder to find a dog that has the right
Qualifications to be trained as a protector. That will include actual mock intruder test, gun shot test and if needed poison trained. The frosting on the cake is that the dog is friendly when not on duty. I had one that was attack trained when I got him but he was ba ba ba bad to the bone. Unless he was under command he would attack anyone he came in contact with,
( thats what you don’t want ).
Do as much research as possible to include a professional trainer


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