Scary stuff - It actually Talks

Maybe I’m behind the times here BUT, Today, at Lowes Hardware Store. I walked out into the parking lot and a thing similar to this thing said, pretty loudly, “This Camera is Monitoring This Property. Images and sounds are being transmitted to the Local Police”


“You are under video surveillance. This Camera is monitored by the local police.”

It was Ducking Eerie. I was waiting for a robot or a drone to show up and ask me for my papers or something. The trailer has red and blue flashing lights and a Salt Lake City Police insignia stuck on it…


They have these in certain parts of Reno. They will record your death, but not prevent or dissuade it.


We have these idiotic things all around my workplace,…

They do exactly nothing.

My old truck was parked NEXT to one and was broken into! They took some tools and made a mess,…

Sure as hell, the cameras didn’t catch anything.


I’ve seen those same trailers in Fort Worth, TX at local WalMart stores. They are solar powered, I’ve yet to hear any recorded msgs or see any active lights or movement from the cameras.
At one of the WalMart grocery stores I’ve spoken with a private armed security officer and he said he’d feel better if it was an “active drone.”


Active drones…Hard Pass
More Cops, Armed Citizens
Screw that AI for you’re protection BS
New Mexico (dirt poor) has these pieces of sh** everywhere
Lowe’s HD, Wally World, Construction sites, I rarely see a squad car when I
venture out of my Bunker! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
As per another article (Karacal’s) But hey let’s arm the migrants! Cool maan!
This country is being flushed by our very own and we just take it!

Oh, and the ‘units’ (surveillance) They talk in Spanish! :crazy_face: :crazy_face: :crazy_face: :crazy_face:
“Step awayo from da machino, pronto!”

Mi dos pesos
adonde nosotros vamos uno nosotros ir todo!!!
Nessun passo sul serpente
Thank God for (4) years of High School spanish Huh-o?


They use similar systems at some of our remote worksites to dissuade thieves. I’m not sure how effective they really are since most of our sites are in the middle of nowhere but they sure are annoying. I often show up before the work crews to clear the site and get to listen to these things telling me the police have been notified if I get too close and trip the sensor. Some only trigger when you get really close to them but some seem to trigger when you are still a couple hundred yards away.

I doubt the notifications ever go to LEOs. They usually go to a security company or the project forman who then decide to call the police. In some cases they are set up in areas with no cell reception and likely can’t call anyone. Though some could have the ability to send a satellite phone alert.

One of the local Walmarts has these in the parking lot but they fortunately don’t have it set to give audio alerts.

I will say that I don’t know of any of the sites I have worked on with these in place being robed. Like the unarmed security these companies sometimes hire they likely push a lot of the rif raf onto easier targets but wouldn’t do anything to stop a determined criminal.


Bogus claim. I can’t imagine any circumstances where camera feeds from a parking lot are routed to a police station and watched by police.


We have one on the Santa Fe Plaza where we sell our artwork. It randomly goes off and says " You are trespassing, you are being recorded, leave now." Such a nice waste of our taxpayer dollars to have this monstrosity yelling at the tourists and our customers.


Does it say it in Spanish? Now THAT would be a kick ! (and probably be Racial in nature and Offend the sensibilities of the Square pegs in the Round house).

Mi dos pesos
adonde nosotros vamos uno nosotros ir todo!!!
Nessun passo sul serpente

After a spat of people being shot and killed within a block of our condo, the police committed to increasing “patrols”. And they did, they parked these things around. No need for the police to be in the area, we’ll just park Robo Cameras and you’ll all feel much better…


Courtesy of ‘The State’ Policing Operatus
You will ‘Comply’ and like it!
Ve see everyting! Jawol!
There is no need for Humans anymore !
(wait till they get the drones that fly around down pat!)
Orwell is SPINNING! Da!


No, it just yells in English. It’s honestly completely worthless and quite the eyesore.


I know, Right?
“We are short staffed by 247 street officers, but we do have people watching thousands of video feeds to make sure you don’t illegally park in a blue parking spot…”


It’s not for security. It is for the illusion of security.


The observe and report. :man_shrugging:t4: it must cost less than a mall cop.


It might be kind of fun if it did speak in Spanish. Consider the action in HD and Lowe’s when the thing goes off in Spanish within hearing of all the “undocumented day laborers”. Vamonos, muchachos. Endalay.


We haven’t been 'Secure ’ for the last (4) years!
They are playing us like a broken fiddle
and we are just taking it and doing nothing.
How much worse does it have to get?
Open warfare on our own streets?


All we’ve ever had is the illusion of security.

You are your own “first responder”.


There’s no way in hell the Police Dept is monitoring this. Possibly a security company could be, and they would report suspicious actvity to the local PD who could immediately respond within 4 hours.


Take a gander at the posts on this thread. Some people believe the police are monitoring cameras.

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