I have heard that some states are considering becoming 2AD Sanctuary States. Hope this is true…


Realistically… they can posture all they want and pass those. However, if the Fed decides they want to push it, then ‘no money for you’ if you do not enforce our rules. I would not be surprised if half of Montana’s budget comes from Fed money for one thing or another.

Several states already are and a few more have it in the works!
I’ll see if I can find a recent thread that discussed it…

and by the way - @Robert_V , welcome to the USCCA forum! :+1:

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If I’m not mistaken the 2A makes the whole country a sanctuary for law abiding citizens!
It doesn’t get any clearer than this. They can erase it from the paper but they will never remove it from our being! It’s in our blood!


You might recall it was deemed federal funds couldn’t be withheld from illegal immigration sanctuary cities/states, because those funds had already been approved and apportioned by Congress.

(Not that everything isn’t a double standard anymore.)

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Yet, we tolerate the Feds taking money away from the citizens of a state and then using those same funds to bribe to state into surrendering its own authority. The solution to that is for the state to remove itself from the U.S.