San Francisco declares NRA a 'domestic terrorist organization' in resolution

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Well… choke points are at the Golden Gate and the Bay Bridge. That just leaves all the beaches, docks, and approaches by way of the peninsula as significant avenues of access for gun carrying cretons seeking to enter “The Blissful City” Oh and don’t forget the Airport!
(< /rolls eyes doesn’t begin to tell the story…)


Could we just secede from San Francisco? If they want to be communists maybe we could make Chairman Kim a deal—-:smirk:


People of the state have been telling us all along they’re 1/5th the National GDP… If we really are insufferable, I don’t mind.

these people :unamused::angry::woman_facepalming:

Just going to declare the world to be any way they want it… and feel darn proud of themselves for reinventing the universe in their own image :woman_facepalming:

If they weren’t dangerous, I’d have a hard time taking them seriously. Here’s what I mean:

  • A requirement that a dog owner get permission of the city before being allowed to breed ANY dog… You see you must allow the city to determine if the dog is or isn’t a pit bull before you breed it… according to the city’s opinion of what is or isn’t a pit bull (because you aren’t allowed to breed pit bulls in SF). Certainly the city knows better what is, and isn’t, a pit bull than AKC who registered the animal. And no, you aren’t excused from the inspection and permission process if your dog is obviously a poodle.
  • Peak Oil Plan resolution, in which they (being a recognized source of scientific fact and wisdom) declare they’ve determined “WHEREAS, World oil production is nearing it’s point of maximum production and will enter a prolonged period of irreversible decline leading to ever-increasing prices…” and then declare their support for “the adoption of a global Oil Depletion Protocol…” and “urges the Mayor to provide funding and direction to city departments for the development of a response plan.”
  • Resolution for a Call to Action on the Inauguration of President Trump, in which they declare a list of all the reasons they don’t like him, and then “encourage each of its affiliates to use the day of action… to display our power, unity, and solidarity by planning an action around an existing labor dispute and inviting all of its members to participate…” … because, IDK… what…? That will change the election?
  • and further more… in responding to Trump’s election, a resolution that includes “FURTHER RESOLVED, That climate change is not a hoax, or a plot by the Chinese.”

And let’s not even get into Oakland passing a resolution making it illegal for the Oakland police to assist in traffic control during ICE raids.

These People. I.Just.Can’t. :angry::dizzy_face:


Wait, what??? I can’t believe this…

San Francisco has “ties” with the NRA to examine!!??? Really!!?? I find that incredible to believe.


As a Native San Franciscan I am disgusted and ashamed by the numerous asinine policies constantly created. The fearmongering by SF’s Board of Stupid-visors regarding the NRA is another fine example of Liberal insanity and over-reaching big government as evident by the failed policies.

San Francisco is dying a well-deserved slow death. Law abiding citizens are fed up with the disgraceful living conditions that we pay hundreds of millions of dollars to support. There is a complete lack of logical policies created and zero accountability in San Fran-sicko’s City Hall and the Governor’s office. Need examples? Where to begin? Non-stop irresponsible fiscal spending, the highest national budget to ‘help’ mentally ill/homeless (zero success), moronic tenant laws actively punishing property owners, and the villification of small businesses/entrepeneurs with ever increasing fines and fees. Also SF is proudly a Sanctuary City allowing crimes to go unprosecuted. SF blindly glorifies illegal immigrants and coddles them despite citizens demanding the rule of law be followed and enforced. There are numerous counterproductive restrictions on property owners and developers which only add further problems to the self-made housing crisis. And SF has the ‘best’ benefits for the criminal, illegal immigrants, entitled, lazy, and mentally ill. We give so much away for free, it begs the question, what possible incentive does anyone have to improve their life, let alone take full responsibilty for their actions? The way I see it, when nearly everything is freely given to you (housing, education, food, clothing, healthcare, etc), eventually a person feels entitled to other people ‘paying’ for their lifestyle and desires.

SF has so many public safety issues that asinine Democratic Socialism policies created. The list is nearly endless but the top contenders are: coddling illegal immigrants while damning legal citizens and residents, subsidizing free needles, enabling the mentally ill and human defecation in public, ignoring abhorrent pedophilia, releasing child molestors, and lets not forget the complete violation of Second Amendment rights! So when natives explain how California and San Francisco specifically has turned into a shithole, we mean it literally!


SF is just continuing the well established doctrine of the hard left in this country, words don’t have inherent meaning. They only mean what you say they mean. IOW, “felon” becomes simply someone “justice system involved.” Now “terrorist” doesn’t have to mean someone who commits acts of terror against a civilian population in order to advance their political ideology. Instead “terrorist” can mean: Anyone we disagree with politically.

Soon we will be re living the story of The Tower of Babel, as everyone will have their own idea of what each word actually means and no one will be able to comprehend the meaning of anyone else.

Good-on-ya SF! Well done. Bold move. Way to make the English language your bitch! /s


So when you do this there are using guidelines that need to be met. I would love to know what guidelines the NRA met that antifa, BLM and whatever other group haven’t.

I’ve never seen an NRA flag flying with burning objects anywhere near them


Guess I should leave my NRA membership card at home when I have to travel there later this month. I’d hate to be arrested at the airport for being part of a terrorist organization.


I get a kick out of the Prop 65 warnings every time I see them. This product is known to cause cancer in the State of California…

Glad I don’t live there. The product apparently doesn’t cause cancer in my home state in the Midwest.


Look at the news now and what people are thinking!


The San Francisco Board of Supervisors declaring America’s oldest civil rights organization “domestic terrorists” is abhorrent but unfortunately not surprising, considering the source. The NRA has the audacity to inform its members and the general public of how politicians vote on matters of gun rights, which the anti-gunners simply cannot tolerate. Specimens like those who control San Francisco feel they must control you too, and to control you, they must disarm you. I do not intend to allow them to accomplish either.

Millions upon millions of law-abiding individuals who love this country and the Constitution upon which it was founded aren’t the problem. Evil individuals who would commit mass murder are the problem, and addressing those evil individuals is complicated by allowing ignorant individuals like those on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors to be in charge of anything more important than a shopping cart.

Ed Combs
Senior Editor
Concealed Carry Magazine


is it possible? could it be… California is suffering from TOO MUCH Oxygen exposure? I mean, there’s a heck of alotta ocean out west of them there. Or did someone find some other way to administer mind altering drugs we have not discovered yet? In the water system? With the Rain?! THIS could be the real use of that large antenna array up in Alaska everyone thought was to be there for Weather Control… It wasn’t that, ever, it’s Mind Control!

When I was there I thought I was normal… But maybe, maybe it takes 10, 11 years to detox?
Where is my foil hat!

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I think in their case, there aren’t. Read the proclamations about Trumps election in my post above… basically it’s a big list called “All the reasons we don’t like you”. I suspect this pronouncement has the same basis.

Since I’m a member of the NRA does that mean I’m a domestic terrorist, too?

I think not.

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@Joel3 and I were wondering the same thing above @Michael1.
Be prepared to be named insurgent by some, friend.

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I am a Life Time Member of the NRA and it all started 3 years ago. I know

that the NRA has been having staff member problems and does all this

make us responsible for crimes and illegal to be anywhere near the NRA?

William Smith

Thank you!

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I too am a Life Member. Sadly during the last decade, I’ve had my head down and my eyes right in front of me plodding along with issues right here. So, while there were a number of marketing efforts that rang hollow to me from the people NRA had brought in to stir the membership, I wasn’t anticipating the apparent issues that have placed NRA in its current straights regarding where the Membership wants to go, the Board wants to lead, and Mr. Lapierre has gone to based upon his understanding of his role in all things.

Needless to say, over the recent decades NRA has been built into The One group on Capital Hill which no one wanted to mess with. True or not, it is currently the image the uninformed and worse the unwashed have had of Her. And now, having taken a stumble in the shallows just here at the beach, it seems the sharks have decided there is an easy meal to be had.

So, we witness the good leaders of a city, who are looking for scapegoats to blunt the ire of their populations for their own inabilities to do their jobs and see the community through its hard times, take a swing at the Big Bad Guy on the block - the Boogie Man; everybody says so. Never mind the lobbying groups and their interests at the city, state, and national levels who are really throwing their money around and getting cover in the bargain too.

Anyway, @William_H we’re right here with you and shaking our heads in disbelief too. Remember if you go there remove all your identifying documents and only carry those which are part of your legend.


CA is largely suffering from being ‘woke’ and feeling superior to other states and American citizens so they constantly ‘scold’. Don’t you know yet the genius ‘leadership’ in CA from Pelosi, Newscum, to the SF Board of Stupidvisors all know better than you peons?

How dare you doubt their magnificent policies?! Look at their stellar track record on following the law, criminal prosecution, illegal immigration, mental illness/homeless, human feces defecation in public, releasing of violent criminal and sexual predators, destruction of businesses, vilification of property owners, and of course efficiently spending of taxpayer’s monies. /s :face_vomiting::rage: