Safety tips for parens of school-age kids

My adult daughter and I were running errands over the holiday weekend and she said she’d never have a stick family stickers on the back of her car. She pointed to the car in front of us with the stick family stickers and a school bumper sticker on their car. She said, they just gave some creep insight on the age of their kids and what sex each age is. :woman_facepalming: (Yes, she did the facepalm.)

“I won’t advertise my daughter is a student at xyz school so she can be stalked by a pedophile,” she said.

That came back to me earlier this week as I was driving past a school on our first day of school and a lot of cars advertise the school and have stick figure stickers.

What tips do you give parents to help protect their school-age kids?

One of my favorite, get rid of the backpacks with your child’s name on it.


Didn’t we go over something similar in another thread a few months back?

HIDE your flipping electronics, including chargers! No stickers indicating a school or family size, if your significant other is deployed, don’t advertise that either.


Smart daughter…I’ve been reading and YouTubeing Gray Man tactics. The idea is to become invisible in the crowd. Much of this logic can be applied to your family also.

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