Back to School!

Many kids across the midwest dread today and many of their parents count down to today like they’re children counting the days until Christmas – school starts today!

After the last two bizarre school years, kids and parents alike are hoping for a “normal” school year. Even the most “normal” of school years can have its share of challenges – class bullies, lost school technology, buses missing their stops.

What tips do you have for kids and parents to help deal with the “normal” safety challenges of school life?


We’re on the third week of school. So far so good.


Know the exits. Know the difference between cover and concealment. The best way to win a fight is not get in a fight(thanks @KevinM ). If you have no way out but to fight, fight like your the 3rd monkey on the ramp to Noah’s ark, and brother, it’s starting to rain.


Hide the teachers roll of scotch tape so they can’t use it to tape your mask to your head!


I always go with the trusted stranger danger talk, bullies are actually babies to be stood up to, and teachers aren’t your parents no matter how much they want to act like they are. Always with respect, but you’ll only ever answer to God, your parents, and yourself

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Run Hide Fight and teach them to quickly barricade a door.
MOST importantly, teach them critical thinking.

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