Safety Amid Uncertainty: A USCCA Special Report with Colion Noir

Join us live on YouTube tonight at 7PM CT. USCCA founder Tim Schmidt and nationally recognized firearms expert, 2A advocate and lawyer Colion Noir will discuss personal freedoms and all things preparedness. We’ll be sharing exclusive offers tonight! #2A #borntoprotect

Watch LIVE at 7PM Wednesday:


Should be some good stuff!


Getting ready. Wow that’s some thematic intro music :drum:


Lol, I was thinking the same thing like “wow, this is gotta be important with theme music like that!”

Love it…lol.


“How do I get myself out of the situation and then call the police?” Colion is all for defending yourself and working with the police. I really enjoy his take on what he’s saying and how he’s saying it.

Support the police, but know you have to protect yourself because the police can’t be everywhere all of the time.


100% agree. I really like his message. Makes good sense.


“How do we get people to go from gun owner to advocate?”

Invite them to the USCCA Community and welcome them with open arms. Let’s help them learn how to be responsible protectors of themselves and loved ones!

I may be a little passionate about how the Community can help people. :slight_smile:


Make it clear that they can be on the forum and not join (yet), to see that we are normal people who care about others and aren’t out doing crazy things.

The very idea of owning a firearm is a huge leap. Taking that to the next step of owning one is another. Considering taking another life makes the other steps look insignificant. Maybe help to bridge that gap? (Using pepper spray. Importance of training. Partner with someone involved in firearms already to answer questions in a friendly way (we goof with each other a lot on here, but a newbie might not be open to that or might read into it a bit.)

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That was a great segment tonite with Tim and Colion…enjoy the videos they both do individually but paired together??? Outstanding!!!


The two of them had a great conversation that I enjoyed watching

I enjoyed it.

Hope you don’t mind I merged these two threads, @FlashBack351!

They were great together last night! I admit, I now follow Colion on YouTube!


No…that’s fine. I tried to do a search and didn’t see anything ( which I thought was strange)…glad that yiu did so I can read the other reactions.