Reality Check Fact: Trained gun owners prevent nearly 7,000 crimes per day

From brand new to long-time gun owners, training is a huge part of being able to defend ourselves and our loved ones. Here at the USCCA, one of our top missions is to train 1.3 million gun owners by 2025.

We’ve launched our Reality Check initiative to bring the training conversation to people across the country and we’re featuring a variety of facts about firearms ownership that the general public might not know.

You can find out more about Reality Check here:

What other facts and training statistics do you share with non-gun owners?


Very few murders are committed by legal gun owners


This Reality Check Initiative sounds like a great thing. If people who are anti-gun can listen to reasons and maybe even testimonials on how a gun saved their lives they may see things differently and be converted into gun ownership. I’m sure that there are millions of responsibly armed citizens that have a story. I didn’t grow up around firearms, my first contact with firearms was when I went into the police academy in 1984. Now I can never leave home without it. Reality check is a perfect title for this because sometimes it takes a person going through a bad experience to consider a gun for self defense. I hope this works out and more people come forward and tell their story.


@Dawn Is there a rollout on this initiative that may be sent out to Instructors on this? Are there any materials that we can use?

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Since I have undergone firearm training and now carry every time I leave the house my “self presentation” has changed. I carry myself with a bit more confidence, and, since I have learned to be in a yellow state of awareness, I am that adds to my state extra confidence.
Case in point: I was taking a walk down my street the other day. A stranger to my neighborhood was standing on the other side of his vehicle across the street from me. As I approached he tossed his cigarette and stamped on it, and then went in front of his vehicle toward the center of the street. The angle seemed to be one that he meant to intercept me. (I was in red, when he tossed his cigarette). I straightened up and slightly faced him, but kept walking; he then stopped in the middle of the street to look at a drop of oil. It was clear he was scoping me out. I kept walking while looking at his body for any movement indicative of checking me. I kept walking … ready. He turned and went back to his car. Why? I believe that he determined that I was going resist AND that I was not worth it. What gave him that impression? I believe it was my “self presentation”. All that said, unless I am over thinking this, I believe this is a crime prevented with no show of any force or even showing my pistol (thankfully) The training I have taken, together with knowledge that will protect myself set my demeanor at confidence not target. Since I am only 6 ft 190 and over 60 I have to be prepared .
I hope this jives with the prevention theme.

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@Frank73 I’m going to message you about that!