Reality Check: Share Your Story

Trained Firearm Owners Save Lives

55% of USCCA Members confirm that their firearms training has helped them avoid a dangerous situation

We know that trained gun owners prevent nearly 7,000 crimes per day! (See the Reality Check website for more statistics.) And we know that everyone who owns a firearm has their own, some very personal, reason for owning a firearm. Here are two of our first panelists on our Reality Check tour and their why :

I live in fear every day in anticipation of the day when the man who abused and tried to kill me is released from prison. I choose firearm ownership and training to feel safe in my home and to protect myself and my children from him.

- Jennifer Moston
(Domestic Violence Survivor)

“My choice to own firearms is simple. It’s all about my children. Both their present and their future rely on the security of Freedom. What wouldn’t a parent do to protect what they love the most?”

- Aaargo Jay

What was your reality check?

Why did you start training? Share your story below!


In 2020, a year when we started to see riots across the country that included arson, looting, and innocents being dragged from their cars and beaten, my wife (who grew up around guns) looked at me and said “I think it’s time you get a gun for self defense.” I agreed, and began researching small pistols; I bought a P365.

Finding a safety course during the Covid lockdown was difficult, but eventually restrictions opened up enough I was able to attend a USCCA CCW course. What I learned there, not just about gun safety, but also about situational awareness, self defense, and preserving our liberty set my life on a new, and IMO, elevated path.


Some years ago, I was at work and my girlfriend was at home. She had the door open with the screen door shut when a guy walked into the house with a knife and asked if she had any money. She jumped up and yelled at him to get the &^T out of the house! He actually left then went two houses down and had two ladies by knife point when the LEOs pulled up after she called 9-1-1. He took off around the corner and tried to carjack someone and was shot by the LEOs.
I have carried previously before from when I was shot at several times when I lived in Los Angeles. Now both of us carry and train on a regular basis. It is great having someone so supportive of self-defense as she is.
I had a couple people see how good I was and wanted me to help them out so, I did. I become a Certified Instructor. Thank you USCCA!


I’ve owned firearms my entire life. I carried off and on, usually in my vehicle but not on my person. Then we moved into the city. Simply walking down a city street felt dangerous, homeless and drug addicted people everywhere. They started getting more aggressive and law enforcement appeared to be doing nothing. For our own safety we decided to start carrying regularly.


My story is nothing as heroic but maybe just as scary as the other folks who’ve posted on here.

I am a retired professional photographer, and while shooting (photos) in rural Texas for Texas Highway Magazine, I was approached by a pack of feral dogs. I was able to make it and get into my car but it’s at this point that I said, “I will protect myself” and soon after got my LTC.

I’ve NEVER been anxious in rural settings or urban settings again.
Having my LTC has given my confidence knowing that I can take care of myself and my family.


When I became a LEO in 1984 was a reality check for me. The situations you encounter in 20 years as a LEO is a message that you need to continue carrying and training and improve your situational awareness. Just watching what’s going on in the news is a reality check. I have to many stories.

Interesting story my brother, I grew up in one of the worst neighborhoods in Bronx, NYC. I think about it now and the reason i am still alive today is a praying grandmother. She raised us all me and my cousins. At the young age of 12 I discovered my uncle kept a gun in the house. I am sure back then there was no safety training on it or even a safe to keep it in. It was in a shoe box. If grandma had to use that thing it was point and shoot. I remember it was a revolver which was silver in color and had white grips. I used to ask my grandma why my uncle had a gun in the house and she would always answer “just in case”. She only spoke Spanish my grandma. I grew up around street gangs in our neighborhood and watched them rumble from the 2nd floor apartment window. I wondered how I made it to High School and graduated yet alone become a Police Officer/Detective in one of the highest crime cities. It was a praying grandmother, so in short, I was street trained. Just wanted to share that with you since you have been so open with the family brother.
Johnnyq60 brother in arms
2nd Amendment supporter
Carry On.


Currently, and for the past two years plus, I work for the local county jail, as a maintenance tech. Daily, I am exposed to inmates of all types and sadly, through repeated exposure, they have come to know my name. There are two minor incidents that occurred over the past two years that made take pause. One time, in a local grocery store, a worker said “Hi, how ya doing.” I looked at him and at first, could not place him. As I started to reply “Oh, weren’t you…”, he interrupted and said “Yeah, yeah don’t pretend like you don’t know”, and then he walked off. The second incident was about 7 or 8 months later, when I and my girl friend, were getting out of our vehicle to go shop in a local “Dollar” store. A gentleman (loosely used term here) walked from the one side of the building saying " Hey, you here to fix something?" This person, although smiling and seeming innocuous, was covered with tattoos, which unnervingly, included his face. Unlike the man in the aforementioned grocery store, I did not even recognize this guy, and that gave me chills. I said to my girl "That’s it we have to get our CCW’s and within a month or so, we were both legally armed. Side note: My girl, who is small in stature, and who had never fired a gun before, while I did have some prior experience, is a better shot than I am! I am so proud of her!


I was a police officer for 17 years. I know what violent predators will do to people. I carried on duty and off during that time and saw no reason to stop when I got out of that job. Some people say things like only the fearful would carry a gun. That’s just not true. Bad things happen to good people every day. I prefer to have a say in the outcome if someone tries to take my life or the life of one of my family members.


Welcome to the family @Athony and glad to have you on board, God bless you.

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