S&W M&P EZ Recall

I’m not sure if this is the place to post this but I just ran across this recall.

Just enter your serial number at the bottom and it will let you know if you need to send yours in.

Their sending my wife a shipping label.


Thanks for the info, @Karacal! We’ve shared it with a few people internally who have that firearm too. :slight_smile:


Its the EZ380 recalled… not the EZ9.

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Maybe that explains the SWBI ticker drop today :frowning:

It said two models so I assumed it was the 380 and 9mm unless they are counting the performance center model as the second.

I’d assume most people would ride the slide of the EZ though :thinking:. I know it gets pooped on a lot, but I really like the original shield safety. It’s not in the way, it stays in place, and it’s located in a place where my knuckle naturally knocks it off.

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I really am not a fan of the blackstrap safety, I like the manual. On the EZ380 I had times where I thought I had my grip perfect put the backstrap wouldn’t engage fully, I haven’t had that issue with the EZ9 for some reason.

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I forget that feature. I’m a big shield fan, but when I see the EZ it looks like an alien weapon :joy:. Great concept, bet they’ve made a killing with all the new gun buying, and from what I’ve seen it does what it promises. My only thing is the more features they add, the less I’d actually trust the gun. That being said, I believe the blackstrap safety on the EZ is primarily to make it drop safe. Usually M&Ps use a trigger mechanism to make it drop safe. I guess with the easy slide it was necessary? But it’s just another mechanism to clean and maintain and another potential failure point.

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I can rack the slide using my toothbrush!

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Thanks for the info. I just purchased one of these pistols for my son. I entered the serial number and it says the recall doesn’t affect this one.


I know there are a lot of these out there. Not sure how long the recalls been out. Just came across it.


Thanks @Jeff4. Just checked my wife’s. Fortunately it is not on the list.


Its the EZ380 recalled, not the EZ9,

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Smith and Wesson have found only 2 faulty hammers and they know what the fault is…, the recall is an abundance of caution.

The minute that the recall was posted here I clicked the link. Wife’s pistol is included. Heard nothing after filling out the bs. Weeks later nothing. Nasty email,received apologies and notice of shipping label coming… 8 days later nothing. Another nasty email, just send me the part I’ll do it myself.
Do these ignorant pos not understand why we bought the damn thing?!
I now have 3 S&W pistols for sale.

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Just got the auto reply.
We are closed for the Christmas Holiday and New Year Winter Break.

Please note that Recall Repairs for the M&P Shield®EZ® Pistols will continue to process during this time.

Please contact us beginning Monday, January 4, 2021 and we will be happy to assist with your question or request.

We wish everyone a Happy Holiday and Safe New Year!

Regards, Smith & Wesson Customer Service


Ended up putting a hammer in it myself and sold it and 6 boxes of fmj with it for 600 during the middle of the China flu bs😁