Rust in Recoil Spring

Decided to clean my shield today. I haven’t been to the range in a few months. I always clean it after a trip to the range. I’ve only had this gun for three months. I’ve never noticed this brown color on my other guns that I’ve had for years.

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I found what looks like red paint on the other side? Could that be causing the discoloration? I seriously take care of this gun better than my other two M&P which I’ve had for over 2 years and their spring is totally clean.

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Cooked on lacquer. Some “shipping greases” will do that when you heat them up. If it really bothers you take a wire wheel to it and buff it off. It won’t come back.




Thank you so much!


Smith and Wesson has excellent customer service and I am sure if you contact them its possible the will replace the part free of charge. Lifetime warranty . The only problem I foresee is getting it back in a reasonable time frame.


I actually sent them an inquiry before I made this post. I am 99.99% sure @Craig6 was correct about it being a lacquer. There is a red paint like substance in the spring that is not on my other M&Ps and I think it’s starting to discombobulate a bit. Worse comes to worse, I’m sure I’ll get a new recoil spring. I do like S&W :+1:


Just wanted to follow up, I do not think there is a problem, BUT S&W messaged me saying they are sending me another one :man_shrugging:t2:.


I haven’t been to the range since quarantine. I’m still avoiding it. I’m also very mariculture about my guns functionality. Should I just put the new recoil spring in and be happy, or should I keep using the original one until I can test it at the range?