Rubber vs. Wood vs. G10 vs. AL Grips

I live in Florida which means the grip on my firearm is always rubbing back and forth against my skin. I have 2 different guns I carry - one with rubber grips (Sig P938) and one with wood grips (Springfield EMP4/1911). The wood grips don’t seem to rub as much, but it could also be because I use different holsters with the two different guns as well as the size difference between the two guns. Both are worn right hand, 3 o’clock, OWB. I have also filed off all sharp edges on the rubber grips.

Am considering changing grips on the P938 to either wood, G10, or Aluminum. Any feedback regarding comfort as well as shooting grip purchase of the three materials?

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I have a similar issue with my Sig 320, @Gary_H_aka_Gary12! I’ll be watching this thread for everyone’s suggestions. I’ve ordered a different holster with a backing for IWB carry.

Glad to have you here!

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Thanks for the welcome Dawn! I am still expecting the “man-up” comments, but the rubber grip really does “rub” me wrong :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, you might be stuck with what you have regarding the P320, I don’t think there are any different grips available for that model :frowning:


I know I am replying to myself, but just found this review for the Pachmayr 61041 G10 grips in the checkered finish on Amazon:

“Love these grips. Replaced the garbage rubber his grips that came from the factory. Enough traction to keep it planted in your hands but mild enough to not be abrasive against your skin while carrying the pistol.”

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Thanks for replying to yourself, @Gary_H_aka_Gary12! It’s so helpful in case someone else has the same questions.

I’m good with the new holster - I hope! :slight_smile: Otherwise, it will be time to add another Sig to my collection. :wink:

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I’m watching too, although I don’t have any advice. Never know what a student will need to know.

I have tried a lot of grips on my 1911’s. Had some really pretty wood ones, but shoot best with G10, so that is what they have now. I wear mine OWB, so no skin contact. Probably will be something you will have to work out Gary. I would try the G10 grips, they are not too spendy. You might also try sanding the side in contact with the skin to make it more comfortable.

Or just “man up” :laughing:

Just joking, it can be a bit of work to balance what works best at the range and what you can carry comfortably all day. I have gone through a few holsters, belts, grips and stuff before I found what works for me.

No experience with aluminum grips.


Wood and even G10 can give a gun a real classic look but I prefer something with an abrasive surface to ensure a solid grip under any circumstances.

Some rubber has a fine finish and gets very slick in a hurry, others do not so I’d say try before you buy with any of them.

Pachymar used to put up displays in stores so you could try their grips without even opening a package.


These are what I have on my 1911’s. Pretty good grip, they make some a bit more aggressive. Sanding the skin contact side might help with comfort, but still give a good shooting grip.


Thanks @Fred_G, got my VZ Elite-Tactical-Carry grips today. Wasn’t sure if my existing screws would work or not and sure enough they are too long. I jury-rigged with the O-ring trick so I could try carrying with them a couple hours tonight. Much more comfortable!

Hope to get to the range later this week to try them out with live fire, but they feel like they provide plenty of “grip” (no pun intended) in the areas that count.

For $60 a set it does seem like they would provide proper length screws in the package :-1:

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You might have gotten thin grips for a full size grip bushing and screw. Once you get the screws figured out, I bet is will be a great setup.


Screws won’t be here till tomorrow. Ironically, I just got an email from VZ Grips with a 20% as well as a 10% discount code. :upside_down_face:

Tried the new grips at the range on Wednesday. Purchase on them was not quite as good as the rubber grips I took off, but definitely what I consider acceptable. The way my son that carries a 40 S&W sub-compact puts it, “It’s not fun to shoot at the range all day, but if I don’t care about it being fun if I ever need it”

Bottom line: it is more comfortable rubbing against my side while carrying and I won’t notice a slight decrease in grip purchase if I ever need it.

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