Friday Favorite: Gun Grips

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Polymer, wood, steel, exotic? Finger grooves or smooth? What’s your favorite gun grip?

For me, polymer all the way. And no finger grooves to get in the way. Though a nice checkerboard on the sides to allow a better grip. I do love the grips on my Sig 1911. Easy to grasp and I have a good solid connection between gun and hand with that one.

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Hogue grips are by far my favorite. :+1:t2:


I dont discriminate, I like them all

I lean towards the polymer, just more comfortable. No finger grooves. But a nice, somewhat aggressive , gridded grip set up, makes for a nice time of shooting without having to adjust as much.
First fave would be the grip set up on the Sig, second is the handle on the glock, had to add a little texture for grip. Fave combination oddly is the canik.

X2 here for Hogue @MikeGoCommando

Oddly enough I only have them on my AR’s

I don’t like sleeves on my pistols, its against their products it’s a principle thing.

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Wood. A properly made wood grip, is comfortable, and helps with felt recoil. The most comfortable “big” gun I’ve ever shot was an original pinned and recessed Model 29 (Dirty Harry BABY!). It felt great in hand, and fired full power 44 mag with no problem. A close second is a rubber/synthetic grip. My GP100 has the old Lett style grips on it. 180 grain “deer killer” .357 all day with those.

I’m really not into looks, style, or being cool, I’m all about what’s practical in any situation.

I cannot recommend “X-Treme Grips” traction grip pads enough. Under any cicumstances they will give you a grip on your weapon like nothing else.


There are similar silicon carbide stick on grips on the market as well as some spray on tacky grip products as well but I’ve tried more than a few and found these to be the best suited for my purposes.

Basically it’s silicon carbide sandpaper with a special contact cement backing lazer cut to fit your firearm exactly.


Are you referring to the Hogue sleeves shown here: @MikeGoCommando?

Yes, not only the selves, but depending on the firearm, there are some full grip options. I have a Sig 226 and a 1911 that have the full rubberized grip.
Also the AR grips and shotgun grips are also fantastic.

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I’ve got Hogues on some of my AR’s. Love them.

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