It’s a high-stakes poker game between Joe, Bibi, Hamas, Hezbollah, and Iran. Russia and China are in the game but they’re mostly folding. Joe’s got most of the chips. Bibi has some. The other three are bluffing. Joe’s holding the nut - a pat hand - he knows militarily no one can touch him. Joe can call and raise all he wants. Bibi is Joe’s friend - at the very least - he will split the pot. The triumvirate of evil are a bunch of nut-bags. The first question is, are they that stupid? The second question is, if they are that stupid does Joe have the ballz to go all-in? I’m certain Bibi will if Joe doesn’t.

Meanwhile, Russia and China are slow playing their hands. It’s a wait and see for them. They’ll whisper in people’s ears. They’ll patiently wait while the U.S. expends billions of dollars. No one in the world can beat the U.S. militarily. The U.S. will have to beat themselves. Joe’s a corrupt, decrepit, perverted SOB - but he can play poker. Sadly, that’s good enough to keep him in power.


I do not disagree, our military is the superior fighter in this fight. But here’s the deal, around here we have some Fundamentalists Mormons that the law has been harassing for years. Every 8-10 years or so there an event then the authorities move in arrest all of the adult males leaving the women an children behind. The kids grow up without dad, P.O.'d, and when they get old enough they repeat the cycle. SO in this case, sure, go in destroy Hamas, level Gaza and the West Bank. High fives all around, then in 8-10 years all of the Palestinians that are left are P.O’d and they’ll be back.


Tell that to the Taliban and Vietcong. The US doesn’t have what it takes anymore for a real knock down drag out fight. The kids in grandma’s basement might miss out on the next release of Grand Theft Auto or similar.




I agree and disagree with your statement at the same time.

The Cong and the Talib’s didn’t WIN against US.
I don’t think this is clear enough for some.
‘THEY’ didn’t let us WIN, They sent in the dog’s of WAR but we were never UNLEASHED!
They can’t make any money if the Warriors went in Kicked Ass and came home.
'Nam and 'The supposed war on terror (what a joke!) Were meant to make boatloads of money
for the Elite’s! Johnson and Company did just that.
These Joker’s ran the same same play’s outta the same playbook!
A (20) years WAR and we not only left hastily (on purpose) We left them a care package
that is making end roads into the NEXT WAR, Conflict, Show down whatever the EVIL’s Choose to call
As long as there is a Threat, War, Unrest, disasters, DEATH! 40% of the Sheeple will FORGET
Puddings Crimes and felonies.
“Please save us from the next menace they will Bleet!”
This is orchestrated perfectly by the little red fella downstairs w/ the pitch fork.
The Repub’s say Puddings 108Billion (that’s BILLIONS!) again will not fly
But they will get a piece of the pie and sure as $hit it will just Magically pass.
The Right will say how Illegal!
The Left will DENY!
And WE THE PEOPLE will get screwed again!

Same as it ever was
The definition of CRAZY is doing the same thing over and over and over and over and over and over and over again expecting a different result!
We need to ‘wipe it clean folks’ the whole infected, diseased, rotten bunch needs to be
dug up roots and all and burned in a funeral Pyre and the Earth turned, re-seeded and nurtured for a new crop to grow and Lead.
Otherwise it will be SSDD!



That’s what I’m saying. The politicians can’t stomach the discipline needed to maintain and win. The people can’t stomach the cost of their sons and daughters dying. Can you imagine this generation having the government handing out ration cards for sugar, salt, gas,coffee, etc? The starbucks crowd alone would be shooting at everyone because they missed their $10 morning half whip, half cream, drizzled cinnamon and carmel latte!

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Have you heard of a bomb that Russia has that is supposed or can take out all eletronics?

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Yeah, an ‘EMP’…We have that too. Electro Magnetic Pulse, Been around for years
Nobody’s had the balls to use it…yet


Rwally, wow. Okay. Ive received emails about it. If we get involved, probably ground watfare with Ukraine, that Russia will drop one on us.

Nice post. In this case I think Joe thinks that Iran thinks that Joe is the sucker. Joe’s gonna keep calling and raising. If Iran’s missiles ever make a direct hit on the U.S. military (with casualties), Joe goes all in. Or, he is the sucker.


Unfortunately, that cycle has been the norm in the Middle East for many, many years. What’s the Einstein quote about the definition of insanity…


Agree 100%… Sadly, it’s not up to us or bumbling, stumbling, Joe. It’s up to Blackrock and Vanguard. They hold all the cards and they have 99% of the chips. Sometimes surviving is winning.

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Most of them at least id think wouldn’t have an firearms…they probably dont even like play guns.