It’s a Trap! The Wave of Repercussions as the Middle East Fights “The Last War”


“If you thought things might be eerily quiet on the terrorism front lately, that’s now over. I would be shocked if we made it another six months without multiple attacks tied back to Islamic groups. Some of them will be real and some of them will be staged, and telling which is which will be difficult”.

It’s Not My Job To Wake Up The Sheep…It’s My Job To Wake Up All of The Other Lions!

I will let this article speak for itself… This is probably the clearest summation as to what/why all this crap is happening today.


@Don102 Read the whole article, looks like now that we’re back to the Middle East, sounds like they’re not much in fear of the US since “DESERT STORM”, and everything else thereafter through the years til the US upped and left Afghanistan (Pudding Pants with his tail tucked between his legs), These people are more prepared now, they’ve seen, and learned by seeing how the US performed out there. We’re no strangers to these people, and here we are back in their arena, but at a different location. BUT!!! Did Pudding Pants strategize and play his cards right by sending this Naval Fleet with a plan, OR sent the Fleet straight into a trap. Are we sitting ducks in the area where the Fleets are at? :thinking: :flushed: :grimacing: US is there as a deterrent, a show of force, if you will. I DON’T THINK NOBODY OUT IN THE MIDDLE EAST IS SHAKING IN THEIR BOOTS! They’re swarming around like a disturbed hornets nest ready to sting!


Here’s a hypothetical for you Brother…
“What if, the Military says ‘NYET’ to Pudding’s 'orders?”
Why would you follow the directives of a puppet who
everyone knows would send you into Harm’s Way and leave you to perish?
There is a bigger picture here like this article states that this current
CORRUPT administration is clearly EVIL and anti-American!
Please visit REAL RAW NEWS for a different slant on the situation and
make up your own mind.

“The Carrier Strike group drops anchor”… Just saying.


Head on a swivel Tomorrow Ronald. It may get interesting or we
can all go to DQ for an Oreo Cookie Blizzard (My rifle is already in the car!)


Are you buying? :thinking::smiley:


Yup! I’ll buy!


I think the domino effects that the author proposes are all very plausible. I’m not so sure there is some grand conspiracy to make it all happen though.

I think there are a bunch of individual puppet masters pulling the strings of the politicians for personal gain. They occasionally collaborate together to maximize their profits by screwing the rest of us over. But much of the mess we are in today can be easily explained by the individual short sighted actions of those in power. When they focus only on perpetually increasing their own short term profits, long term stability for everyone else becomes a lot less likely.

But as this economic Ponzi scheme reaches the end everyone at the top of the pyramid is likely starting to fear all the pitchforks that are going to be pointed in their direction when the music stops. It is much better for them to redirect that anger somewhere else. So fostering these conflicts to milk the last available profits from the system while getting rid of as many of the pitchfork bearers as possible makes perfect sense for them. They may or may not be actively planning that process but they have no reason to stop it.

This same process has been repeating throughout history. It almost always ends up working out as poorly for those at the very top as it does for everyone at the bottom. But there are always a bunch of manipulators just below that top tier who manage to crawl under the rocks just before things fall apart and then come out to weasel their way back into power in whatever new system rises from the ashes.


That was the ‘Kicker’ for me Shamrock also. I totally agree w/ you.
The ‘Top Tier’ throughout history have for lack of a better
expression ‘Gone down w/ the ship’
I just hope they don’t take us down with it.

Take heed Brothers and Sisters, Welcome to ‘The Day of Rage’…act Accordingly.
GOD Bless us all.

Head shots solve a lot of the Worlds ill’s.



yeah pretty sure 3 years & 45 days evil will come to an end… have to wait & see what happens after Hamas is destroyed or saved by the other terrorists. only God knows…


An Old 12B would say. :us: