Researching POF piston-driven .308

I’ve been looking at piston-driven rifles, specifically, POF offers P308 and Revolution. The difference between the two is 1" in length, 1lb in weight, and $900 in price. To me, $900 is better budgeted toward a nicer scope, but maybe I am missing something. I will appreciate more experienced POF owners chiming in.

I have a POF revolution 308 ( I love it)
But remember it is a ‘light’ 308 with a claim to fame of putting a 308 in essentially a 556 package space. It barks.
Most of the people I know that aren’t shooters dont like to shoot it too many times because it does talk/punch back a little.

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Thanks! Did you compare Revolution vs other POF 308s? Find any cons? Like you said, light weight is not necessarily a benefit.

Not really. I snatched it up when a local shop was going out of business and I got 40% off. I checked out a few reviews and said “yup, it’s got my name on it”

Quality, reliability, accuracy seem rock solid to me.

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