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As we exit 2019, I was tasked to come up with a list of gear or items I would like to see in 2020; gear that I know is coming out, gear that I might be looking forward to getting in the new year or simply “pie-in-the-sky dreams” for new gear in 2020. I decided to go with the “pie in the sky.” It’s fun to dream.

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Thank you Scott for taking us down memory lane, these are very nice guns hope you and yours have a Great New Year.

There are reasons why “scout rifles” are in .308, rather that trying to improve on a perfect caliber you should learn to accept the reasoning behind the choice of that round and the scout concept, having used a .308 in combat and knowing the ballistics of the round by going to a smaller and lighter round you would not make any improvement nor would a military caliber be readily available, that is part of the concept and the weapon system, we are almost at the year 2020, if the box magazine has not shown you why it is better for all weapons then you have a problem learning, times are changing and going back is not the way to go!

I also love the 57 X 28, again do not fix something which is not broken, when they developed the round several barrel lengths were tried, the one on the stock gun was not the best, but it was in the “good enough” category, if you are concerned about .8 inches you have less problems than I do trying to conceal many more inches that you were issued by your Maker!

I do not care what you do with the others, throw them away for all I care, I do like Ruger’s and Colt’s but I tend to choose wisely when purchasing from either manufacturer, Colt has had it problems for many years and Ruger will make one gun which is almost the perfect gun and the next is not worth using for mixing paint.

People have every right to their opinions, but having an opinion and being right are far apart! The next article should be about if 9mm is better than the .45, how many times can that be argued?

Semper Fie

Having just purchased a Howa .308 rifle I want to get a Charter Arms “Professional” revolver in 32 H&R Magnum. I got that idea from one of your articles in the Concealed Carry magazine, which is now my favorite gun mag. I already have a Ruger Single Seven revolver in 327 Fed Mag and can shoot 32 H&R in it but the Charter Arms gun will be carried as it’s double action. The 32 H&R cartridge seems to be quite effective for self defense and doesn’t have the severe muzzle blast of the 327 Fed Mag. Helps to have 7 rounds too.