Remington Firearms new ad

Remington has launched a new ad, that I found very upset and in every way undermining the American Gun owners. I think USCCA and it’s member should review the ad and if the feeling is strong, then a letter to the new CEO should be sent. I am all for new firearms and the freedom to choose, I don’t like to be painted with a broad brush.
The new ad HighLights the Remington RACS Chassis and Sniper Rifles.
HighLighting CONCEALABLE Sniper Rifles
along with PSR kits.
I think the power of USCCA’s members could change the direction of the ad. We as a group of Consitution loving Americans don’t need to give the Anti-Gunners any leverage.

Please, review and act in the interest of Gun Owners everywhere.


Link to ad ?

@larry84 Please link to the add, I cannot seem to find it.



I haven’t been able to find the ad either… maybe they took it down?

I couldn’t find it… but I did find out people are still trying to sue Remington over the Sandyhook shooting…

Thank you, Zavier_D. I do not know how to link.
I think this AD will only add to the fires of the Anti-Gunners and bring bolt action rifles into the “Black Rifle” realm.


Copy and paste the url code in the search bar.

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