Remington ammo

Popped up on my newsfeed. Don’t know the validity, but FYI anyways.

*I posted this on my hog hunters group. Seemed it caught a lot of attention. *
For all of you out buying ammo? The two pictures are a recent purchase at a walmart. After purchasing the ammo it was noticed that the neck was cracked on one of the shell casings. So every round was inspected and 13 out of 60 of the shells had cracked necks. This isnt walmarts fault. This is the fault of the new manufacturer of remington ammo since post bankruptcy purchase. Vista outdoors purchased Remington ammunition post bankruptcy and seems to have no quailty control. Please check your ammo before purchasing. A cracked shell casing will cause the firearm to exploded and cause severe injury…even death. Just wanted to pass along this info. A lot of first time gun buyers out there and dont know what a danger this is! Please inspect your ammo!


The only ammo I have ever had significant issues with is cheap remington practice loads. So I generally avoid them. Though I did just pick up a case of higher end remington skeet loads that I need to take a closer look at now.

Not only do we have the issues of Remington restarting with new management but all the firearms related manufactures are going all out right now. Lots of new workers and overworked experienced folks as well. It all equals lots more chance for errors.

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Actually, you should always examine your ammo,… all of it. Do not take your safety for granite!


I always look carefully when loading up the mags. But must admit I often only open up a few boxes to spot check when I buy a new case of ammo. Should probably look in every box that comes in the door so I don’t find the issues several years down the road.


I thought Walmart didn’t sell rifle ammo any more.

Can anyone identify the caliber shown?

box flap end in the picture says .243 Winchester.

What that fella really needs to do is post the lot codes. And tell Remington, too.

There’s no telling if that box is pre or post-bankruptcy. To me it looks like the stuff they made right before they shut down, my last cases of the stuff bought June of last year said “Loaded in USA” instead of “Made in USA” - just like these. Mine were 30-06 UMC ball 150gr.


So did you report or return ammo to Remington? I’d be pretty sure they’d like to know.also probably some code on the box they’ll understand.

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Don’t hold your breath :roll_eyes: