Where's the Ammo - Remington is back!


Allright! Can only help!

Personally glad to see it. It’ll certainly help

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I’ll believe when I see it on the shelves.
Big Green still hasn’t responded to my email regarding the defective .38 Spl ammo
I purchased before the current drought.

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Yes I watch the Company Pres talking about it last night. I believe we are going have a long period of catch up. I’m of the opinion that if everyone would take a 2 day period and not buy,That would make a small effect. Or take one day a week and not buy

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Certainly good news, but don’t expect to see ammo on store shelves any time soon. Supply has been low and demand high for a year. While 4,000 employees Arkansas is certainly a good start, it’s a drop in the huge demand bucket. Hoping sane ammunition prices will follow, but we’re still many months away, if ever, from a return to normalcy!

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I agree. Some of my friends local seem to think it is going to be instant. Shortage wasn’t that way neither will be the recovery

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Let’s see. One ammo plant, gazillion stores. Could be a while.


Here in Pineland, Slow but sure! It could also be because folks are relaxing a little. I saw an article one day that said its mostly the new folks to the community who are buying now. True? or False?Who knows. I still say welcome to all the new gun owners and CCWs to. Also for the future. Buy one to shoot,One to stock.

I am seeing Remington ammo on the shelves with a Lonoke Arkansas address. $18.99 to $21.99 per 50, FMJ range ammo. (9mm)

I am seeing more ammo on the shelves, local shop allowing two 50 rd. boxes per customer rather than the previous one box. Prices haven’t dropped any.

I may be wrong but this is the way I look at it. More ammo coming into the store, increase on the amount you can buy plus same price = price gouging. Just wait and the price will drop. Product must be sold to make a profit, if the product is not being bought, the price will drop. ??

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If Remington tells you to send the defective amo back ask them to send prepaid shipping labels and hazmat stickers which may apply. I had a similar situation with defective ammo and the retailer would not take it back. Patients my ass. Let us know how you make out. :paraguay::paraguay::paraguay:

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From Remington: crickets

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SPLAIN LUCY ? Explain crickets ?

The sound of crickets. No response from Remington. Nothing.
I can only assume they don’t give a rip.
Nice folks, huh? :angry:

John292-I got such a run around from CCI I GAVE UP. YEARS AGO I FOUND (Believe it or not) Blazer 22LR amo that shot better than match grade amo. I bought 20,000 rounds all with the same lot #. When I finally used them up I bought up another shite load of them B4 the shortage started @ a good price. Turned out they are very inaccurate and they are very hard to chamber in two different CZ rifles. I’m going to keep them for handgun plinking. So how many Remington BULLETS did you buy & what’s the problem with the amo ? Does all the amo have the same lot # ?

You are absolutely right, William, it’s all about supply and demand.

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I bought a box of Remington .38 Spl 158gr LRN and used to shoot for qualification during my CCW renewal class. After shooting the first five I reloading with a speed loader, and the cylinder wouldn’t close.
I dumped them and loaded five more rounds from the box to finish that portion of the qualification.
Inspecting the dumped rounds, I found one was missing the cannelure and wouldn’t chamber. The rim was also deformed I’m sure by me trying to close the cylinder on the out of spec round while under the clock.
I sent the details and lot # to Remington twice with no response from Remington

Lesson learned:

  1. Every round I load in my speed loaders get chambered in the cylinder first
  2. I won’t trust my life with Remington handgun ammo.
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JOHN292>>> if all you bought is one box your lucky >>> stay in touch, let use know what happens >>> patients my ass >>>?