Where's the Ammo - Remington is back!

I would like to hear from everyone who only had a malfunction with Remington ammo. I have shot Remington along with other brands and have not had one misfire due to the ammo. This is like one drop of ran in a five gallon bucket. True it would only take one misfire to get you killed. I know people that load their own ammo and I have been told how they failed to completely set the primer or had a primer back out against the face plate upon being fired and the cylinder would not rotate. Should they stop loading their own ammo just because of this one mistake? If this is your only problem with Remington why not shoot another box or two and see what happens.

I actually like Remington STS shotgun cartridges because I can reload hem a bunch of times and .45ACP Remington-UMC hasn’t given me any issues.
I must be one of those people Remington rimfire ammo doesn’t like though.
The last decent box of Remington .22lrs I fired was way back before I was old enough to shave :roll_eyes:

But what killed Remington for me was their lack of concern over my defective box of .38 spl
THAT could get somebody killed and ignoring my concern was insulting and rude.
THAT is why they no longer have my custom.


My first bad experience with Remington was with a bulk pack of their UMC 9mm I brought to my first defensive handgun course. My instructor was curious why I couldn’t hit any targets past 10 yards or so. He took a closer look at my 3 yard target and noticed that all the bullets were key holing. They were likely tumbling out of the barrel! I wouldn’t have had any idea what was going on if not for being in the class. Fortunately I had brought along a bunch of Federal American Eagle as well and was able to finish the class hitting pie plate size targets at 50 yards.

I then went on to have several different varieties of Remington 22lr that had very high failure rates in my Ruger 10/22 and 2 different handguns. No issues with CCI and only occasional random failures with Federal. Likely just bad luck on my part but that was it for me and cheap Remington ammo. I still have some Golden Sabres I would trust and have high hopes for their STS shot shells since I bought a case of them.

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I get good feelings every time I drive by there. :grin:

I’ve learned a few things from my experience.

  1. No defensive ammo from any manufacturer goes into a speed loader without a plunk test first.
  2. Remington doesn’t care about their customers.
  3. All the Remington ammo I have I’ll use for training during the current ammo drought without fear that I’m wasting to good stuff.
    4.Unreliable ammunition for any purpose simply isn’t worth the money.

I am also concerned that the defective brass may have damaged the crane on my Centennial during the qualification stage. If closing the cylinder was enough to deform the cartridge rim, could it have been enough to bend the crane?
She shoots good, but this is a nagging thought of mine.

I’m not a revolver guy but, I would think that a bent crane would be very noticeable in how the cylinder opens and closes.