Not buying the ammo shortage

I know we have had ammo shortages in the past but something feels different this time may because its 2020 and nothing feels right this year or is it more to it is it possible or is it likely that the ammo shortage is being made to happen .I have heard for a long time it would be easier to take away the ammo then it would to take away the guns. I dont know im just asking what is your opinion


The folks that bought Remington ammo released a statement that… working 24/7/365 is what it’s gonna take just to fill their online orders/and previous orders from retailers… over 1,000,000,000 bucks is waiting .

People bought faster than supply was made.
People are still buying as fast as it hits shelves.
Ammo manufacturers had employees out for COVID, also.
Not all employees are back.
Components such as primers are behind. Not usually made by the ammo company.
Copper mines in South America are not yet back to full capacity.
All lead is imported. No more smelters in USA.
Ammo manufacturers are contractually bound to supply Law Enforcement and Military first.

A company would be foolish to invest in ramping up production due to an issue that they for-see as short-term.


Absolutely Correctamundo. Wait & wait & wait some more…


Why hasn’t, STILL, President Trump signed the Defense Production Act as a last act of defiance, for ammo manufacturers ? Wouldn’t that be fun! Now that’s a meme!


Release all the ammunition hid in agencies like department of education.


This is IMHO the real thing because the people/ the buying public are buying everything that they can get there hands on today, This is totally unlike when the 22 caliber disappeared off of the market in two weeks time and then the other calibers started to disappear shortly thereafter . This happened when there was nothing going on, so some way it was controlled. Not saying that the millions of rounds bought by the Homeland Security had anything to do with it at the time. In case some of you forget at the time I was shooting a case of Federal 22,s every week and then in that week there were none.

My loader equipment came in today. Now I’m trying to find materials to load. A friend already gave me lots of castings. This is my new hobby.


Brass is gold!:+1:
I reload all my 9, 45, 450BM, 224 Valkyrie , 5.56, and 6.5CM. Lately I have been able to buy my small/large, pistol/rifle primers in store and my projectiles online.
Luckily I can usually find the .224 Valkyrie on the shelf in store and it is still pre-COVID price.:sunglasses:

I think what @Shawn31 is really asking, do you buy it? I’ve been thinking about it. I see some of you guys blame it on covid19 and people not being back to work. But yet all the grocery shelves are full, the sports shelves are full, the toy shelves are full, the beauty supplies shelves are full and if you look around pretty much anything that’s not bullets are full. Other than toilet paper.

So I think he’s asking a fair question. Because he’s right, it would be easier to take away your ammunition over taking away guns. Some of these rich people like George Soros or the clintons could be paying warehouses to hold back. There could be warehouses that bought and held tons of ammo across this country.

Everything else is being produced at normal volumes.


This had crossed my mind, for sure, and there could still be something to that.
However, I firmly believe that ammo and firearms manufacturers, distributors, etc are a bit more ethical than that.

There are companies such as Palmetto State Armory that are bending over backwards to get product into our hands.
And before anyone jumps on PSA for increased pricing, that is part of the game. It could be much worse.

If the gov truly wanted to curtail ammo availability, I don’t believe that ammo mfrs would be focusing so heavily on the biggest movers. If you frequent a local gun shop, pay attention to what does arrive frequently.
9mm, 5.56 & .223, .380, .45 ACP, .22 and the like. Looking for 7x57 Mauser? You will be looking for a long time.
Why is there none when a person gets there? The UPS truck was there 3 hours ago.

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@Shawn31 I’m not buying it, either. CCP Virus. Lockdown mandates (except for partially peaceful protests). Riots in the streets. Defund the Police. Blatant misuse of judiciary authority. Tainted election. Big picture, where are we heading?


Exactly @Jeff-A1!!! I with you brother… all this :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: is happening for a reason. It is not just by chance. The socialist of this country are making these riots happen, defund the police happen, so why can’t they stop our ammo from happening? There controlling us starting with masks. There controlling the Media. They are manipulating races to fight amongst other races and themselves.

So are you so blind you can’t see what’s happening??

1: start a race war.
2: start taking away freedom of speech.
3: use pandemic to control the people (mask)
4: tear down our justice system (defund the police)
5: steel an election in front of everyone’s face.
6: take gun rights away.
7: expand taxes (tax us to death with 60 percent taxes)

What do you think is next??
Biden already said this country is going into full country lockdown the moment he swears in because of “covid-19”.

So why not buy all the ammo and store it else where???


I have had the misfortune of dealing with a couple of serial liars in my life, and you learn some things when you do. The first of which is that even if you know your dealing with a compulsive liar, there is still one key thing that always works in their favor,- You don’t know what you don’t know! You don’t know what you have not been told, and you don’t even know what they may have a motive to lie about, if, as you discover, they will lie about nothing, even something not worth a lie!

Ammo shortage- real or fake? I don’t even try to figure that out. With the media the way it is, and so many activists being found in key places. I just don’t think it’s something I can expect to know when I know there are willing liars, but I don’t know who, or about what, or where.

As a friend of mine put it. The rule of the day is rapidly becoming “As best you can” , meaning it’s getting to the point that you just have to focus on getting along as best you can with what’s in front of you.


Don’t forget sanitizing agents - our store shelves are still almost bare in the cleaning supply areas.

When it comes to ammo there’s an additional component of civil unrest and agencies stockpiling ammo for possible additional unrest events.


Very good point @Dawn.


@Dawn And why does

make me a bit concerned?

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Very good point @Jeff-A1.

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I suspect billionaires may be behind some sort of consorted scheme to prevent us from buying ammo out of fear.

I see both sides of the proverbial coin on this one, @Jeff-A1. I have a bunch of friends in law enforcement who have had to be in the civil unrest areas. Luckily none have had to defend themselves with a firearm. I hope they never need to use their firearms in self-defense (or anyone else has to for that matter), but they are in volatile situations more than your average person.

But I do see your point.