Remember when State Senator Julie Morrison proposed confiscation?

Remember when State Senator Julie Morrison proposed confiscation? The internet remembers

My Illinois people, Contact your state senators and urge NO on SB1966! Veto session is coming up and rumblings are, she is going to try to call this. The $150 firearm owner identification card with mandatory finger prints to buy guns and ammunition isn’t off the table yet. As you might know, it already passed the house. If the senate concurs, Governor Pritzker WILL sign it. We’ve got to block this, it is our civic duty to express our concern to our elected officials.

In the above video Morrison smugly suggests confiscation of so called “Assault weapons”. I believe time stamps are in the description.


@Robert8, who else is in Chicago or Illinois? we should tag some folks.

@AlphaKoncepts you might want to edit your thread title to add “Illinois” so it catches the eye of folks who need to see it.


@Zee. Yes Zee Most peeps aren’t going to know who that person is. There’s an array of people in the Chicagoland area who are antigun let me find my list of state Representative and state Senators and will post later today.
On the federal side Senator Durbin sent me a letter last August 13th by USPS staying we are lucky us Concealed Carry folks because he agreed with the late Justice Stevens that he also is a law abiding gun owner but he further stated that since the law is gun owners carry concealed its become the Wild West our on the streets. He went on to say that the Second Amendment is only for hunting and in his opinion never meant to carry firearms on the street. Apparently I’m supposed to be carrying a Musket? But he’s not agreeing with concealed firearm carry he finished the letter stating “it’s not who we are as a country” He or Duckworth I received essentially the same letter from her, are not going to vote Yes to National Reciprocal.


Oh, my goodness!

This is huge! Please Illinois citizens stand up!