Reliable red dot sight for EDC on a XDS mod2 osp 45acp

I am considering purchasing an XDS mod2 45acp osp for EDC and I want to have a reliable red dot sight on it. I am concerned about how reliable the C/T 1500 is for EDC. What does the group think? What can I count on and still afford?

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I’m not an expert on Springfields… but I’d avoid CT1500 model. It’s outdated model and even M&P started using CT1550… but still, I will go with something better, especially if you want it for EDC.
I personally love Holosun… however I still prefer iron sights. :shushing_face: And I know… Holosun costs twice more than CT… :expressionless:


Holosun HS508T

Reliable, super long battery life, perfectly reliable motion activation (aka shake awake), solar panel (did I mention SUPER long battery life?), good glass, option of dot, or circle, or circle-dot, can replace battery without removing sight (and thus without needing to check/re-zero)


@Bradford2 Are you sticking to Red Dot or maybe going with Green Dot available with Holosun optics.

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I’ve really come to like Swampfox. Great product and service.

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