CQC Sight Recommendations

Ok so I am in the market for a dependable CQC (home defense) sight for my PDW. I currently use the sightmark pro reflex sight but I do not trust it. After doing extensive research I have narrowed my choices down to an Eotech holographic sight or an Aimpoint Pro. Neither of these sights have a shake awake function which I really would like to have because I do not want to have to turn something on if a critical situation would arise. I have also looked at Holosun which does have the shake awake function but I do not know enough about Holosun to put trust in that brand. Anyone have any recommendations?


If you would be ok with a simple red dot sight, I own two Sig Romeo 5 models. This red dot has the shake awake feature. They are simple, effective, and not too expensive.


I would go with @Virgil_H on this one or the Holosun. I use both.


I have both an eotech and aimpoint pro. I lean towards the Aimpoint because I just leave it on. It’s always in low for night time


Out of the options you listed…

With an aimpoint, you dont need shake-awake you just leave it on all the time. Battery life is measured in years, and if it concerns you just replace once a year with a fresh battery.

Eotech is good, but offhand I dont know what the battery life is (months?) so you either need to replace the battery more often (CR123 batteries? not cheap, but not expensive either) or leave it off and train to turn it on when needed.

Holosun has some really good models in their lineup, they used to be the OEM for several other brands but now sell under their own label. This is why many of them look just like that model from another brand :wink: Have a look at a model you are interested in and then see if one of the Youtube torture testers has a video on it. I have a HS510C on a non-HD rifle, it has the circle-dot reticle and has worked well at significant price savings over an Eotech.

To my mind, if cost is not an issue, the difference really boils down to the reticle choice, reticle technology, and weight. Aimpoint has a dot only. Eotech has the circle-dot (“circle of death”). Holosun you can get with either or both depending on the model. Aimpoint is a typical “red dot” while the Eotech is a “holographic” image (again Holosun has both options depending on the model). Some folks with astigmatism see more of a slash than a dot with red-dots and do better with holographic sights instead. Aimpoints are super light, Eotech is rather heavy, and again Holosuns vary with model.

If cost is an issue (maybe you want to outfit multiple rifles with the same tech) then Holosun wins hands down.

If place of manufacture matters… Aimpoint is USA made, Eotech (I am 90% sure) is USA made, and Holosuns are made in China.

Of options you didnt list…

If an Aimpoint is in your budget, I would also say have a look at the Trijicon MRO, it has a much larger window and also has a battery life measured in years. Great track record just like the Aimpoint. Very lightweight.

Sig also has several red dots at various price points and features (I dont think they have any holographic sights). Like @Virgil_H I have a Romeo5 on a non-HD rifle and it has also performed well, was reasonably priced, but I haven’t asked much of it.


Thanks to a Warrior Poet Society review I think I am going to go Holosun

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I mentioned in another thread here somewhere, but MidwayUSA.com has several Holosun models on sale right now