Red dot impulse buy

Not sure what y’all might think of the Bushnell TRS-26 as a long gun red dot.
Vista is running a promotion for purchases made by 31March. (lesser deals for lesser sights)
MidwayUSA is asking a pretty reasonable price right now.

$150 MSRP with high-rise mount
$120 MidwayUSA with free ship
–$75 rebate until 3/31/2022
• $45 net price

I can’t say more about the sight than the internet has to offer. But if it shoots as good as it looks and feels, I think I’m going to like it some. As an entry point to try a dot on a rifle, I couldn’t see turning away just cause the next great thing might be introduced at full price over the summer… hecho en Chine.
Another $10 for a Weaver 10/22 rail.


I am not familiar with the TRS-26, but I have a TRS-25 on my S&W M&P 15 Sport (a low end but very good AR platform) and on my 10/22. I really like the sight on both.
Be aware you have to get the correct hi-rise mount for any AR15.


I only have one AR, a Ruger AR-556.
It doesn’t have a scope or any other bling. Just iron sights for me. But, at that price, I might just bite.

Here’s an ignorant question, do I need these “suggested” products too?


I would caution not to draw conclusions, particular less than great ones, about a whole category of product based on trying out the cheapest one you can get your hands on. I seem to see a lot of people buy low quality red dots because they are cheap to ‘test the waters’ or do a ‘proof of concept’, then when it doesn’t perform well, they write off the whole category

…but you certainly aren’t going to get into the “duty use” or “EDC applicable” stuff for $45 no matter how many deals and coupons and rain dances you do lol

You’re talking 5x that price, minimum, to get into the ‘good’ category…really i’ts more like $350-$450

But also also, at $45, I might could use one for my 15-22


I have only cheap ones and they’re all pretty great. I can’t fault any of them.

Leapers SCP-RDM20G and SCP-RG40SDQ


At least two comments above mentioned using the TRS-26 for rimfire.
I guess if it didn’t work for my AR-556, I can use it for the GSG-16.

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My semi-autos are Mini-14 and 10/22 — I’ll have to see what works as I go.

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Well, that’s kind of the thing. If folks thought it was a good value at $150 (current list) or $200 (intro list), or maybe $100-150 street, would it somehow be a worse product at $45? I know it’s not a top-end GI Joe toy — why would I dip my first toe there for a plinking gun? My “research” was just to satisfy myself that it wasn’t an Amazon NONAMECO $45 list piece of cosplay crap. If it doesn’t hold up, I will have learned that I need to start at a higher floor — it hardly disproves the concept.

I just caught this halfway through a relatively short promotion, and thought others might wish they had heard about it.


Thanks for sharing the love and saving me some money! I look forward to trying one out.

As far as judging a category on an entry level product, I disagree. A cheap tool is better than no tool. I like Snap-on but craftsman will work for most situations. I’ve harvested plenty of deer with tasco and Simmons scopes. They are better than iron sights for precision at distance. Research is cheap. For people with an astigmatism a high end dot will look just as terrible as the entry level dot. Be grateful for good vision while you have it!


I use Trijicom red dots and a 3x multiplier scope that swivels out of the way when not in use on a few different rifles. Personally I would recommend them


What rifle will you put it on ?
The Bushnell Red Dot looked like it has a see thru mount.
Can you get a 22 conversion mount for Metric & US dovetail :question:
Good luck, have some fun.

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Does the multiplier also increase the dot size :question:

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My comment about the concept goes beyond whether or not it holds up. For example, on this board people have stated they wouldn’t trust a dot to carry because their unnamed likely not “GI Joe” level dot didn’t have enough brightness to see outside therefore they considered it a toy. Conclusions like that, I would not reach when using something that isn’t in the ‘commonly recommended for serious use’ category.

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Magnifiers simply magnify the image you are seeing. Typically, if the dot covers say for example 3" at 100 yards, it’s still going to cover 3" at 100 yards under a magnifier. The whole image will just be bigger (with a narrow field of view). Think of magnifying a red dot sight like having a variable power first focal plane scope

(supposedly with some holographic weapon sights and trickery with physics and the human eye, that doesn’t happen the same, but rather, the dot will appear the same absolute size and not increase in MOA size, as it appears to your eye, because of magic [things I don’t understand] but with an RDS type, the dot size is the dot size [in MOA] and its size relative to the target does not change under a mangifier)


For this analogy, what I’m saying is something like: Don’t buy a cheap ratcheting wrench, and when the ratcheting mechanism is too loose and you hate using it because it doesn’t ratchet/click when you back up, but rather, turns the bolt in question back and forth and back and forth like a regular box end wrench…don’t swear off all ratcheting wrench under the assumption that they are all like that, when people say the snap-on actually works correctly.

Don’t judge the whole category of tool as not being good at something if it turns out that the cheap one is not good at something.

So, like, if a cheap RDS isn’t bright enough, doesn’t have enough battery life, glass isn’t clear, glass is too color tinted, has visible distracting magnification, auto-adjust isn’t good enough, controls are hard to use, doesn’t hold zero, is too hard to zero, dot isn’t crisp or properly sized, etc, remember that things like that and more may not apply to other makes/models


IMO > Maybe Maybe not. Had a Red Dot Site that when you locked the setting down it changed the point of impact. That day I committed murder on the range, I Shot and killed the Red dot with a 45 ACP.
PS: parallax matters also, if you can try it before you buy it. ( Bushnell doesn’t make that model anymore ).
** THE END **

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What dot was it?

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It was a Bushnell. I just checked and I don’t see the same one. Maybe that’s why they stopped making that one. Bushnell does make good things and they been around a long time. As I remember Bushnell bought Tasco and they do stand behind their products. I had a Tasco 6x24 power varmint scope for many years.
Had a problem with the coating, sent it to Bushnell and they sent me back a brand new Tasco.
I’ve had good luck with ( red dots )

  • BSA
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We will have to agree to disagree on the quality of optics Bushnell sells.

Your experience with the junk one that you murdered on the range is what I generally think of hearing when their optics are discussed. Tasco also.

That said, anybody and everybody can have a faulty unit, or lemon, or bad luck one off slip through from time to time, so, we also don’t want to write off a brand or model due to a personal sample size of 1

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Yes > I will also agree to disagree. In that case it was definitely a design flaw. Bushnell has been around for a long time and, a lot of people have good luck with their moderately priced optics.
Thanks for your feed back.