Recommendations on a cheek riser for a Ruger American

Everything I’m finding is out of stock or a lot of bad reviews… would prefer a slip on or strap on one, the plastic ones that are bolted on look like crap to me.

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On e-bay for cheap.

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I just ordered a new Boyd At-One stock for my Savage 22MAG. Everything is adjustable and the stock is very stable in various weather conditions due to the laminated construction. Very good prices right
now. I will be buying the same stock for my Ruger American 22-250.
I have had very good service from Boyds and quailty is second to none.

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Back before I shifted to McMillan A5 stocks I was a fan of the Winchester Marksman profile of stocks and went aaaallllllll the way down this road as conventional rifle stocks are made for IRON sights not scopes as I A$$uME you just discovered. Blackhawk was the only game in town for stock pac’s but then Triad Tactical, TAB Gear and a host of others got into the game. Velcro is your friend and pull string ALWAYS get loose. The ones @BRUCE26 posted are ones you might want to avoid as the riser is so far back that your face will fall off the front.

Here is a dirty little secret from the medical world in case you need more height than the pack gives you. Get a SAM Splint, SAM Splint it’s a mold able aluminum splint (like splint your broken arm) that comes about 3" wide and 36" long all rolled up. You can cut several layers about 1 1/2 wide or less and stack them as needed and then take one big one over the top to lock it all down prior to putting the stock pac on.

Oh if you have a long action make sure you set your riser and pack back far enough not to interfere with getting the bolt out. Or cut a notch.

This (or one similar) is actually the correct solution to the issue Cheek Riser

I think I paid $125 for mine about 20 years ago and the knobs were much more low profile. Look for the thickest one you can get, I think .125". I modified one for a buddy using 3/8" thick aluminum stock and cut them into a T shape to fit inside the slide notches and drilled and tapped them 1/4-20 and cut the through bolts off flush, MUCH lower profile. We used Pan head Torx bolts for the through bolts but slotted ones would work fine too.



Not to point out the obvious…but functionality trumps aesthetics. In the military, we used camo duct tape and cut up sleeping pads to properly align our body to our rifle (damn, I’m dating myself again).

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