My Ideal Bolt-Action Rifle Stock

I doubt if I’ll ever get back into rifles, but I’ve envisioned a laminated, thumbhole-pistolgrip stock with a fold-down, locking, vertical pistolgrip n the forend to give you the utmost accuracy in open-field shots. The forend would be laminated or made from pakkawood or micarta, and fit into a recess to allow you to bench the rifle when needed, when you’re tuning up for the season. Has anyone had such a stock made for their “pet” rifle? I envisioned this due to the vertical orientation of our hands, and the tightness you could maintain while you work the bolt.

If you look at all the precision “stand on your hind legs and shoot” positions you will never find one with a vertical fore grip. To be fair some three gun guys and tacticool folks will run a vertical “broom stick” grip for a "while’ but eventually go back to a hand stop or nothing for standing shooting. The simple reason is body mechanics, an extended arm pulling back will over power a bent wrist on any day. A sling even “hastily applied” (see what I did there) is much more effective for holding things still.

As to thumb hole pistol grips, you had better try before you buy. I have met very few people that had them that still have them. Unless you hand is exceedingly small compared to the hand used to model the stock it will beat your thumb metacarpal to death (the bone behind the web of your hand on the thumb). Thumb hole stocks were spawned from the assault weapons ban of 94 and IIRC Planet of the Apes.

I do mainly precision rifles (heavy) and the best I have found for an “all around” rifle stock is the MacMillan A3/A5 stock. It combines the front end of the Winchester Marksman stock (oval, wide and flat) with the A5 rear end which is essentially a pistol grip with a stock behind it. Be advised to be properly lined up behind your scope you will NEED an adjustable (preferably removable so you can get the bolt out) cheek piece as conventional bolt rifle stocks were made for iron sights NOT scopes. So all the Remmy 700’s, Savage 110’s, Winchester 70’s and [fill in the blank] don’t work well with optics because you have to raise your head 1 1/2" to 2" to get behind your scope.

I played with this problem for many years and the above is the benefit of a couple thousand dollars spent and discarded and MUCH frustration.