Recommendations and what not to.

Please be careful in Concealment and Carry, improper training for home or self defense, and the incorrect person to talk about CCW and training. There have been many records set in Licensing / Permit for carrying a firearm for protection here in the Great USA and Florida. I have enjoyed talking with and a grand pleasure to listen to others in their JOURNEY with a firearm of their choice.

Responsibilities, gun laws, SAFETY in every area of this beautiful world of Conceal/Carry, many People have decided to step a side of all the nice training, learning, and Knowledge of our Mastering the ART of
FIREARMS; I do not care if is a Pellet or a BB gun; “you’ll shoot your eye out”.

I am grateful for a lot of help to be educated and the materials are out there, but the excuses and pride
that goes like this; I know everything there is in using a weapon or I spent 20 years in the military serving computers. BIG ONE : I do not have the TIME !

Please plan ahead and take a super class and so what if its a bit to much to learn and maybe you did not finish the course in record timing. So what if you are not military or better yet Special Forces. Did you learn something or did you fall very short of GOALS ??? Bravo, your are the BEST !

Also, last commit here, it does not matter what the freaking neighbor thinks about any training you take or that you carry for protection. Do not give up !!!


What Not To Do-Don’t stop training. I was in law enforcement for 20 years and I did not know everything. I was surprised at what else I have learned after I retired. I got rusty and it was because once I retired I felt I did not need to keep up with my skills but I was wrong. I suggest to continue training and keep your skills sharp. I enjoy the USCCA training videos because they remind you how important it is to keep training. Always stay alert and have good situational awareness. Also you can never take too many classes or learn too much. I also recommend talking to others who conceal carry because you can learn something from them. Conceal carry takes good technique and you have to have the proper equipment. There are millions of gun owners in the U.S. that just recently became concealed carriers and you would be surprised on how many of them just bought a regular belt and a cheap holster and armed themselves without training, scary but true. They don’t even care about learning safety or learning their state laws which will not make them responsibly armed citizens. In conclusion, continue to train and don’t let yourself get rusty.


Thank you for your help with your encouragements.

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I have to put this in, this is a concern, not a insult to you or anyone.

I made a comment for the desire for people to try and follow through in some sort of training
for using a firearm and the colorful fundamentals for that piece of equipment that is bought for home and self defense. I am still learning and training and For 5 years, the learning is infinite and I have not found the end of this travel.

To everyone that is trained in military and police training, thank you for your dedication and all service. I am not military or police and never have been. Truthfully to everyone !!!

I have been taught to know my firearms and equipment, the safety that is necessary like breathing, and how to conceal and carry, plus
I have to learned all those fundamentals and train and practice. I do not have enough space to write that all down, but you can get the information at USCCA and learn more for life,
With your professional back ground and that
Civilian training that we all love.

I am not going to complain or compete with someone that has much more training and knowledge.

Policemen and Women are trained to engage the threat, a civilian is trained with our fundamentals to flee. Yes I know much more here, in Florida, you have Stand your Ground Laws, you have to make the decisions whether you use Fight or Flight, and remember we will
All face the legal nightmares after the gun fight, plus hurting or killing the not so lucky bad guy
with a gun too .

The point here is, there are people that are unprepared to face a gun fight and the need to protect themselves and their love ones. Not
to make WWlll. All the Books, Videos, and
Training is usually worthless if we become,
well nicely put a jerk and a know it all person that thinks they are the best thing to everyone.


Florida Firearms, Law, Use & Ownership by Jon H. Gutmacher is a must have book for anyone carrying a firearm in Florida. My copy has lots of sticky tabs hanging out of it :smiley: