Continuing to Train and Practice, whether you conceal or open carry

We all must continue to train, practice, and educate as we all have been with USCCA and your hard military and police training. Whether we Open Carry or Conceal our well earned firearms.

Many people are new to using a firearm of any type and this can cause many needs and problems. I have 6 years of training and carry and I am 20 years behind.

Safety, gun laws, the very basics of handling any firearms. To carry a firearm is the easy part of our responsibilities. I care !

USCCA’s training is one of the best in every area of all our training that sharpens us and gives us preparation to protect our families and ourselves. We must continue to learn and practice.

When our state we live in takes on Open Carry Laws, we
must continue to follow our training and it does not give us room to be careless. The Gun Laws that we follow are never going to get easy and people will get hurt or
killed, if someone gets brainless and careless.

May GOD’s Blessings and Grace be with everyone.


Appreciate the post. Our community has more in common than we think.

When accidents happen, my first response is sad regret for the innocent victim. But then it turns to, those accidents do our cause no good, and hurts us all. I know it messes things up for us. Sure, I can call it “not intelligent”, but I need to go beyond and try to help.

I look at those of us who contribute to the cause by their setting a good example, and I stand on their shoulders.

I think there’s something to say about when we earn a right; It makes it more valuable, as opposed it being handed to us. I appreciate it more, and that makes me be less careless, and encourage that in others.

I consider those who are “middle of the road” and not yet our supporters, and those who are against us; I believe with work, there’s room for some of them to move closer to us.

If and when I’d ever be on the senate floor, testifying before a subcommittee who makes the decision on the wording of a new law, who would I want beside me, and would I want them to speak?:

The person who says “accidents happen”


The person who works on the factory floor and “knows what it means when the bulletin board lists the number of days since we last had an accident”?


Because, part of “the right”, is the right to maintain our safety by “arms”. “We” know “safety”.

Good to meet you.


Accidents can be prevented! That is why we do train and practice. I am not directing my comment to you, but I am adding my two cents. Just like driving your car, situational awareness, avoid problem areas, Keep your eyes on a swivel.
It is a real travesty that people who know nothing about gun trying to make laws on things that they do not understand.


I hear you. I try to learn safer practices. This industry side per se, reminds me of nuclear power plants, the airline industry, and even healthcare, where certain safety measures are taken in order to prevent or reduce harm.

Once a firearm gets out of the hands of the store seller, it’s been up to the individual gun guardian to be responsible. That’s a lot of responsibility.

Once I thought I was careful, when I found myself placing a loaded gun into a zip lock bag with other accessories. Then I realized I should not do that, because any other object could touch that trigger. I was shocked. Now I always place the handgun(s) inside its own case – trigger covered, where nothing can touch that trigger, at least placing it in soft pocket holster like a Sticky brand.

We can learn, teach others, but I wonder how I can make a difference on a mass scale, at the same time strengthening our rights.

Including teaching those who try to make laws; I wonder if part of my role is to teach them about the value and meaning of being able to own firearms, and about safety, so that they may allow us freedoms, but is it also my role to help promote restrictions, but to a certain limit, for intelligent regulations, which allow room for responsible owners to still have rights.

You’re “responsible”? Then you should have nothing to worry about, and I got your back. However, how do we get there?

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Thank you! Every day we get up, we are to plain the day with family, friends, work, and etc. Just like any equipment, our truck and car, we do our best to safely drive that piece of equipment the best we know how. With a long-life course that we study, and take is called Situational Awareness (like breathing). We practice it each day until it becomes almost automatic to us, (muscle memory). A classroom and study
materials that we read and test on, plus all the live fire ranges that we trained and practiced at, and all the hundreds of dollars we spend, that will all go away someday. Please, it is best to stay close to family and enjoy life to your best you can. We are the only ones that have a heart and brain, not that equipment. Please stay safe and be your best.

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Being responsible in all ways is the best way to carry.

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As of these last few days The Lawmakers, The House, Congress, Biden, and The Government have passed H.R. 7910. We must defeat these laws that are packed with many parts that are conflicting and destroying our Constitution, not just the 2 Amendment, but 1 through 8th Amendment and it could effect many more. Biden is a criminal and the Democrats have been in the outhouse again, up to their arm pits.

We must fight back or we maybe held as criminals instead and loose our gun rights; all of them and our firearms. War is not pleasant, but who said that it would be easy. Fight Back to win.

Please brothers and sisters; use our voice, power of the pen, and stand, but “be peaceful”. We are good people, and smart. Use our hearts and minds.

I did not say to start a gun fighting war or hurt someone. Stand up and fight Legally with letting it be made known that it is not right to destroy the law abiding people. Try to sleep through this may not be wise.

Start writing anyone that represents your state or call them. I did not state to force something like Washington DC on January 6th. That is Biden’s Ways.

If you desire to sleep through the lying and deceit, I respect you very much and I refuse to step low and be quite.