Recoil reduction

Has anyone heard or use the. DPM SYSTEMS TECHNOLOGIES LTD



DPM SYSTEMS TECHNOLOGIES LTD - yes, heard, was interested in using it… but decided not to.
And I think you will have to buy it and test it to find out if it works for you.
When you start digging for answers, you will be confused more and more every hour.
There is 50-50 chance DPM will reduce recoil or not.

Unfortunately this product is not a magic wound…


Recoil Reduction is abit like the Hollywood gun that never runs out od ammo, in my opinion.
Any semi auto needs the recoil to complete the fire, recoil,strip a new round from the magazine, and to have enough force to rechamber the new round and lock the bolt.
Many systems have used slide locks that allows the pressure to be reduce before opening the slide and reload.
I agree the recoil pressure must be controled so that the frame or the slide are not damaged and that the gun remains under control of the shooter. I have reviewed the DPM sight and as far as pistols are concerned I think a quick call to companies such as Wolff Springs will be very helpful and cheaper. In the world of AR style of rifle many options are available, some at very low costs.

Not saying the DPM products is without merit, but their are, in my opinion, many ways to reduce the effects of recoil.



Just my opinion…

Regarding recoil reduction:

  1. If it is related to pain or injury affecting your hand/wrist, a bigger/ heavier gun with a weaker caliber helps. Also, if you have a current injury, let it heal properly before stressing it.

  2. If it is for faster follow up shots, there are techniques that will help.

Although I can’t use some of the technique from this guy because of my arthritis, if you can’t match his speed and accuuracy with a stock 4" 357 magnum revolver, then practicing with certain techniques should be prioritized over parts kits.


I will have to research this and I’ll get back to you. I do have a m&p performance center shield which has a ported barrel and slide which supposedly reduces recoil but you could barely tell the difference.

I have a DPM in one of my hand guns. The gun came with a plastic rod in the recoil spring that I was not to impressed with, so I started looking for a steel replacement and came across DPM and decided to give it a try. While I don’t doubt the data produced by their computer equipment, I can’t say I really felt a lot of difference when shooting the gun. The DPM does come with different strength recoil springs and swapping springs around for the carry load I chose did provide some improvement IMHO. To their credit I have been using the DPM for 4 years with no issues. The one con I will point out is that the factory recoil spring was ‘captured’ while the DPM replacement was not. Putting the spring in a gun designed for a captured spring took a little getting used to (I cheated on the first install and used a bamboo skewer to keep it in line and in position).

Seems unlikely to give dramatic improvement. Basic Pistol operation depends on well balanced, engineered, and purpose-designed recoil forces. Mess with it, by installing a progressive rate spring, or whatever, and it seems likely to encourage failures to feed (more often and importantly than meaningful comfort improvements).

The strong side shooting comfort you receive from their spring, might be countered with the requirement that you have a firmer hold on the frame etc (think weak handed feed failures).

Perhaps a fun project to play with, if you are interested in learning more about weapons engineering, or design, but not if you care about reliability.

Just my 2c.

Push ups=Recoil reduction :muscle: