Shooting glove or device to minimize impact of recoil

I am a beginner and want to practice and train. I have a partially torn ligament in my shooting hand. Can anyone recommend a shooting glove or device to cushion recoil? Also any advice on pistols with low recoil appreciated. Thanks so much.


Welcome to the group! We were just discussing recoil in a different thread.

There are lots of options. Along with a glove, there are handguns with interchangeable grips, such as revolvers, where you can fit soft rubber grips. There are also low-recoil pistols available. One I’m familiar with and, is great to shoot, is the M&P 380ez. It gets its soft recoil by being a medium size pistol, in 380ACP, using a locked breech, hammer fired design.

My wife is very recoil sensitive and she likes her .22 revolver. There’s been a lot of discussion and disagreement about .22 as a defensive round, but some modern ammo like Federal Punch meet the FBI penetration recommendations, even with short barrels.

I’m sure others will have a lot to add, but welcome.


Thx for your kind welcome and information which I will look into immediately.


I’d stay away from any of the “larger” calibers. Maybe 9mm but certainly anything north of there, at least until your injury has healed.


Brother Joseph 488) nailed it.

Welcome Joseph560,
I have a Titanium rod in my dominant Gun arm
Mostly never hurts but after a (50) rd. Box of .(44) Yee-ouch!, Can relate.
My suggestion for you is Tommy Copper ! Copper is a healer and support
Relatively inexpensive wristlets, Forearm, gloves Heat Infrared wrap’s (pricy but works)
Firearm’s: A possible is a .22 Magnum Revolver (I 've only seen Cowboy models-- Heritage
comes to mind maybe Rossi–Good weapons or to relieve more recoil their rifles, more support
less pressure on your arms n wrists. Excellent rifles/ Lever Action (Winchester style)
Joseph 488 also got the Federal PUNCH Great Ammo, I like it!
.380’s not bad (more power, my .9mm Taurus G3c is excellent not much recoil
ACE Products make a nice slip on wrap for the wrist and has a metal bar (under side) for more support.

Good luck My new Brother
Stay Frosty




Hi @Joseph560 .
Welcome to the Community :handshake:

What is a purpose of the firearm? Range shooting or defense? Are you gonna carry it?


Thanks so much Mike. 9mm sounds right.


Thx Don. I will get the Tommy Copper and look into the pistols and ammo.


Thx Raymond. USCCA is certainly a welcoming organization and I ‘m glad I joined.


Great questions. Defense. I want to get one for home and one to carry. Thx for the kind welcome.


Welcome to our Community sir! We are glad to have you here. Feel very free to ask us any questions at all. We are here to help.


I’ve found cycling and sailing gloves to be quite comfortable, owing to additional padding in the carpo-metacarpal joint region, during multiple-day courses, or if I’m shooting magnums for recreation. However for my EDC, I usually carry with reduced velocity / recoil type ammunition.


Defense handgun with less recoil… I think there was a thread about it… you will have to spend sometime using SEARCH button on the top.

But if you cannot find it, we can try to suggest something to you.
Definitely I’ll skip 22LR… even this is the best handgun with no recoil.

I’ll start with 380ACP as this round has really very little of recoil.
You can probably find many of handguns for this caliber, however I’d suggest looking into M&P380 Shield EZ (definitely Performance Center version).

If you like more powerful round - 5.7×28mm might be the choice.
M&P 5.7 gets decent price and it is really nice, light recoil, flat shooter.

If you want to stay with 9mm - Beretta PX4 Compact or high priced 2011 handgun is the way to go with low recoil.


Do yourself a favor and find a real “Sports Medicine Doctor”. Hopefully one that specializes in hand injuries (yes, they are THAT specific in their specialties). The good ones manage to extend professional athletes careers after injuries which is a variation of what you’re looking for.

They will be able to show you how to lightly wrap and tape your hand so you don’t do any further damage while you practice.

Now this is just for practice, not everyday carry. If you ever have to use the gun for real you won’t feel any recoil at all…


Welcome to the community!

I found this in my search of shooting gloves that meet motorcycle riding requirements.

This might be worthy of consideration.

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@Joseph560 Welcome to the community! Try looking into your sporting store (Dicks warehouse) check out bowling ball gloves for feel. Worth looking into. As far as pistol, not sure of your specifics, whether full size, subcompact, compact, but 380mm would be good for the recoil, 30 super 30 but look for the pistol specific for that round, I think S&P Shield has a 30 super 30 pistol, (it’s in between a 380 and 9mm round), Cabela’s/Sportsmans warehouse carries it, maybe 9mm on full size pistol with less recoil than a compact. I’m not hurting, but I shoot 9mm 115gr and 124gr with my full size Sig P320 and compact Sig P365.

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I have never heard of this store.


Welcome to the community @Joseph560

Regardless of what firearm you end up choosing I highly recommend that the majority of your practice be dry fire with a safely cleared pistol or Laser training pistol like a SIRT.

Many professional shooters with perfectly healthy hands recommend that 80% or more of your practice be dry fire. The 20% live fire is mostly to confirm your dry fire practice is working.

Dry fire advantages are that it is cheap since you don’t need ammo, it helps prevent developing a flinch since there is no recoil and you can do it at home which also allows you to practice drawing and moving which you can’t do at many live fire ranges.

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We have one in Albuquerque, NM. Nice, has all indoor/outdoor sports equipment, uniforms, accessories, etc.

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