DPM Recoil Reduction Systems

If you’re curious about these, go right to their main site, look VERY carefully to make sure that their item(s) match up with the gun(s) you own, and order directly from them. Prices for these remain inflexible - and stay AWAY from the list of U.S. dealers they have - one only offered them for Sigs and Glocks, and they all have crappy websites to frustrate your search. Be ready to eat a high FEDEX charge, too - the two I ordered for my two new Smiths was $25.00! DPM also has a video showing how this triple-spring system works. This is one pistol “improvement” I can put a little faith in, at least for now. FYI

DPM has been discussed several times for last 3 or 4 years…
I don’t recall if anyone was interested using it…
I personally haven’t found any improvement using DPM. Only grip and stance make every recoil manageable.


I watched several videos on these - I’m not recoil-shy - the reviewers said that they could feel a reduction in FELT-recoil, and that the pistols they were using seemed to shoot flatter. I was interested in finding a way to reduce ongoing, internal damage from the slide battering the frame over time, also.

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Everything is subjective.
DPM works for some people… and doesn’t change a thing for others.
I was checking and testing it and never found any improvement.
I’m guessing this may work for people with weaker strength in the hand or people with poor gripping technique.

I definitely advocate good training over making changes to find “easier firearm configuration”.
I remember I was doing the same few years ago… unless one of my Instructors told me: "be a man and keep the f@&#$ng gun like a man" :laughing:


IMO the best way to do that is:

  1. Keep it stock, the manufacturer knows
  2. Keep it oiled/greased
  3. Use factory ammo of the appropriate SAAMI spec

By the time we can afford to ‘wear out’ a modern handgun, probably we could buy a new replacement 20 times over with the cost in ammo to do so. In other words virtually nobody wears out a ‘service pistol’ or similar and, if they do, well, they can afford to have triplicates of that gun considering they can afford the ammo lol