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Any comments about aftermarket captured spring recoil rods, or recoil systems such as DPM offers, to reduce wear and battering the slide places on the frame?

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I’m not fun of DPM system, however I’d recommend it for short barrel semi-autos. Not because of “magic recoil reducement” but for longer assembly life.
I’ve been using captured recoil spring from Taran Tactical for 4" - 5" barrels and I’m very happy with it.
I’m trying to stay with flat springs if available.


It sort of depends on the brand of pistol too. From my experience with Glocks, it helps to change out springs/rods and replace with a tungsten rod. Keep in mind, when choosing a spring the options of more/less “spring tension” as it (not will or wont) but could throw off slide racking when firing.

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That’s a good question. I have a PPQ 9mm. It came with what I call a dart stick for a guide rod (looks like an old plastic dart without the suction cup end). I replaced it with steel. I considered a reduction system, but went with just solid steel. Has anyone used a DPM on their pistol, and is the recoil reduction noticeable enough to make the purchase; does it make that much difference for the average shooter? Also, has anyone gone with tungsten over steel? I see videos where people are saying this is not worth it for average shooters, but is if you’re a competition shooter.