Reciprocity with shall issue states

I was asked about Reciprocity between states and I explained that Washington State is a Shall issue state and so is Mississippi but, Mississippi CCP is not valid in Washington but, my Washington State permit is good in Mississippi. @Dawn Is Washington State messed up on this or what?


Quite the rhetorical question for a Tuesday morning!
What’s good for me (WA-socialist state) is not good for you (MS- free state),


The Attorney General’s Office periodically reviews the laws of other states to determine whether those laws meet the requirements for Washington to reciprocally recognize a concealed pistol license or permit issued by those states. For another state’s concealed pistol license or permit to be recognized in Washington, Washington’s reciprocity law (RCW 9.41.073) requires that the other state:

  1. Recognize and give effect to concealed pistol licenses issued by Washington;
  2. Not issue concealed pistol licenses or permits to persons under age 21; and
  3. Require a mandatory fingerprint-based background check for criminal and mental health history.
    I hope this helps others in how it works.
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AZ is in the same boat as MS. We allow WA, but no reciprocity. Classes, age restriction, fingerprints, fees, & background check by DPS are prerequisites. Maybe it’s the Constitutional Carry WA doesn’t like, but the 2 are not the same issue.


Actually, Arizona State has no mandatory mental health background check. Allows persons under 21-yrs-old to have a license. This is the conflict with the two states.

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AZ Concealed Weapons permit has a 21yo requirement matching the pistol acquisition age; with an exception carved out for active military, which drops it to 19yo. As far as mental health background checks, one would think that is a HIPPA law violation. Understandably if someone has been legally found to be mentally unfit, that information should show up on a background check conducted by the lead law enforcement agency in AZ.