California CCW in Arizona

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I have gone through the lots materials about reciprocity carry in other states with CA CCW. THere’s now some confusion in my head :slight_smile:

Planning a trip to AZ and would like to take my carry from CA, with active CA CCW. Staying in a hotel with some activities planned.

I see that AZ is supporting CA CCW but with restrictions, it says “permit-less carry” - then I see links leading to AZ CCW laws with lots of information.

Did anyone had experience carrying in AZ with CA CCW? What would the high-level “do’s and dont’s” be besides common sense drinking and other things?

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It actually doesn’t say “with restrictions.” I have a CA permit and the map shows AZ in gray.

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Thanks! I was referencing this map and then the link led me to that info section


I stand corrected. My page did not refresh. It was yellow, with restrictions.

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From the USCCA AZ page:

"Since Arizona has permitless carry, any person who is at least 18 years old who can legally possess a firearm may open carry, and any person at least 21 years old may concealed carry a firearm without a permit.

Arizona will honor concealed carry permits from all other states’ and political subdivisions."

It means to me that, if you are breathing and over 21, you can carry concealed in AZ. If you are at least 18, you can open carry. Besides that, all other permits are recognized in AZ.

I want to go to back to AZ.


:slight_smile: true! AZ is 180’ opposite of CA

thanks for the post!

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the restriction is the age, needing to be 21, or 19 in Missouri, and being a CA resident…looking at that map reinforces my need to get out of CT… :woozy_face:


I live in AZ… you do not need anything to concealed carry here other than being of age (21 years). I have a CCW here and basically the only thing having it does is it lets you carry in bars (as long as you don’t drink yourself). Also it lets you buy guns without a background check which is a plus.


Welcome to the family @Andriy and you are in the right place at the right time.

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No permit needed as @Conrad13 says above. Though your CA permit might allow carry in bars when you are not drinking as the AZ permit does?? And it is always good to have your permit should you have an encounter with law enforcement.

It’s also always a good idea to review the specific firearm and self defense laws of whatever State you are traveling to. Many are similar but there are often subtle differences that can get you into trouble if you are not aware of them. The USCCA app and reciprocity map have a link to a summary of the laws in each State.


Thank you! Been reading those rules here at USCCA. Awesome resource base!

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You can obtain an AZ CCW easily as well. I have CCWs for CA, UT and AZ.